Wednesday 22nd April

Date: 22nd Apr 2020 @ 8:35am

Happy Wednesday team!

Wednesday? This week is going so quickly!

I had some lovely emails yesterday telling me what some of you have been getting up to. They really do make me SO happy. You are getting so creative and making the most of being at home with your families. Some of you have inspired me to finally get my garden pots sorted  so  I'm going to put  my gardening gloves on and get into the sunshine at some point. Any gardening tips you have will be very appreciated!

I hope you're enjoying the home learning I have been setting  this week. I can't wait to see how you have chosen to help heal our world within your own homes. I wonder if any of you have decided to film your progress in a documentary style...I always wanted to be a presenter (as well as a teacher, of course!) Here are today's suggested tasks:

1. Reading and Writing task: formal letter writing (the video needed for the writing task is a separate file to download at the bottom of the page)

2. Mymaths: angles 

3. Mini Eco Project: continue gathering your evidence

Now I know some of you were LOVING the chameleon theme this week. Unfortunately he is not involved in today's work (maybe you could involve him somehow?) But I will pass on a song that was sent to me yesterday from Mrs Cuthbert. She was inspired by the chameleon theme and couldn't stop singing it. If you haven't heard it before, your parents will have done so pop it on and have a good boogie with them (I bet they know all the words) We had a lunch time disco to it in my house yesterday!

Looking forward to hearing from lots more of you today. I'm missing you all so much, but I'm very proud of every one one of you for handling this very strange time so brilliantly! 

Miss Fray


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