PSHCE – Stands for Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education.

PSHCE helps to give children the knowledge, skills, and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy, independent lives and to become informed, active, responsible citizens in a rapidly changing world. 

In undertaking PSHCE, children learn to recognise their own worth, work well with others, and become increasingly responsible for their own learning.  They learn to understand and respect our common humanity, diversity and differences.  They find out about political and social institutions which affect their lives, as well as their rights and duties as individuals and members of society.  PSHCE learning is linked to the school's policy on Inclusion, linked to learning about areas of the Equality Act.  Our tagline, #EveryoneIsWelcome links to the research and guidance of Andrew Moffat MBE and his #NoOutsiders policy, supporting children in understanding differences of the diverse  and wonderful world we live in.  This learning is embedded across our curriculum and utilises a series of picture books to supports children's understanding of the different themes.

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