Our Favourites

Miss Carter


The Bean Machine

bean machine.jpg


“Hilarious story with a catchy rhythm. I love how the greedy boy tries to fix the problem he’s made. Great tale about how to become responsible and creative 😊 

Mr Morris


George’s Marvellous Medicine 



“Amusing tale of a young boy that creates a very special medicine to cure his grandma of her nasty habits. I loved how George kept making mistakes when trying to recreate the original recipe and the hilarious effects these had on others.” 

Mrs Lowry


The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me 


“An entertaining book about a young boy named Billy who meets a giraffe, a pelican and a monkey, who work as window cleaners.   It’s heart-warming when good things happen to good people and dreams come true.” 

Mrs Mochrie


Mo Willems – Elephant and Piggy 

we are in a book.png

I’ve chosen not just 1 book but a group of books, these have been my favourite for reading aloud for so many years, (the twins loved them and they are now 22!)  we were also very lucky to meet the author. 

Mrs Conery


I Love You Stinky Face

i love you stinky face.png

I love this book because I used to read it to my daughter almost every day and she loved it too. It is about a boy who asks his mum if she would still love him even if he was a horrible, smelly monster. A special story to share about unconditional love. 

Mrs Salt


A Home Under the Stars


My grandchildren love this.

Great bedtime read.

Mr Gilbert


‘I Want My Hat Back’ by John Klassen


There are so many books that hold so many brilliant memories. It is difficult to choose just one. This book is one that I have really enjoyed reading with classes of children.    The illustrations are wonderful and the story seems so simple. So much of the story is left for you to work out, with the pictures giving clues through facial expressions. A great fun tale that will have you giggling. 

Mrs Stubbs

Diane Stubbs.jpg

Peace At Last


This is a very special story for me. I used to read this book to my first nephews a long, long time ago. 

One you can read again and again.