Friday 24th April

Date: 24th Apr 2020 @ 8:50am

We have done it! We are at the end of another week! I know I said it yesterday, but I really am SO proud of you all. Just getting on with it...with big smiles on your faces! 

I love that some of you tried the cookies yesterday, the pictures I received made my mouth water, so I baked some banana bread as Frankie LOVES it.

Here are today's suggested tasks:

1. Reading and Writing task: narrative writing 

2. Mymaths: properties of triangles

3. Continue / finish mini eco projects

Just a little reminder before the weekend, all these tasks that teachers have been setting are fantastic to keep our brains working and to take our learning further at home, but PLEASE remember that SO much learning will be happening when you get up to things that you can't do in school. Challenges like the baking challenge yesterday, or the gardening some of you have been doing are things that we have less time to do in school, but they're SO important. So get CREATIVE! My Dad has been doing and making all sorts in and around their favourite is this little picnic bench that he made for the squirrels...he is so excited for one to sit on the bench part like humans do (I'll let you know if he does!).

Have a lovely Friday and an even lovelier weekend you wonderful team. And keep remembering how very missed you are!

Miss Fray

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