Useful documents to support home learning

Please find here the ongoing files and resources for home learning. 

Useful links;

reading support - 

phonic activities -

maths - 

In addition to the activities set on the blog, suggestions for ongoing activities are;


  • please share a book daily - your child could then have a go at writing about their favourite part or favourite character. 
  • please use the purple and orange phonic sheets and tricky words (issued previously but also in the pack) to practice words and sounds - maybe hide them and find the different words around the house or play matching games
  • practice letter and number formation - in the bath with water, chalk outside or pencils and paper?
  • please try and get fresh air daily - maybe a treasure hunt in the garden or count how many times you can throw and catch a ball.
  • Cbeebies and other websites have great educational games. Useful apps if you have and ipad are bugs and buttons, bugs and numbers and Mr T does Phonics
  • practice practical counting and number recogntion skills - find the right number of pennies, playing dice games, play board games that involve counting forwards and backwards. 





Files to Download