Support / Homework



Every week, the children will focus on different spelling patterns, taken from the national curriculum spelling appendix. These will be introduced to the children in class on a Friday afternoon and assessed on the following Friday. Over the week, we will use many different strategies to help us with our spellings.


Most importantly, make sure your child is reading. As much as they can! Listen to them regularly if possible and discuss the meaning of the text. Talk about why a character has acted in a particular way. Do they like the book? Why or why not? Talk about what you are reading as well. Read from a wide range of genres. To develop speaking and listening skills, encourage your child to explain things to you as clearly as possible. Question their explanation. For the performers amongst our class, ask them to perform a page of their book. These skills, along with  just reading, will developing your child's confidence as an effective communicator. 

Reading Comprehension

Children will be given a short reading comprehension every Friday to support their inference, locating information and vocabulary skills. They are to be handed in by the following Friday. If your child is struggling with the comprehension homework they should come and let me know during the week so I can support them if needed. 

Please never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you'd like any other ideas to support your child. I will help in whatever way I can.

Thank you,

Mr Morris