Helping your child at home - Reading

Your child will be bringing home books from the school reading scheme. When a book comes home please:

• Read the book with your child first

• Discuss both the pictures and the story content

• Help them to focus on the print by pointing out words which they might already know

• Let your child turn the pages at their own pace and if there is repetitive text ask them to join in. After the book has been read several times your child may feel confident enough to try reading it.

• Encourage your child to re-tell the story in their own words

• Help your child to find known words or phrases within the text

• Talk about some of the characters in the story

• Talk about some of the major events in the story. Above all it is important that your child enjoys the books that you are reading with them or that they are looking at alone. They need to receive lots of praise for any and every effort that they make. 

Files to Download