Week Commencing May 18th

Date: 17th May 2020 @ 4:07pm

Monday 18th May

Good Morning and welcome to another week.

Phonics  - revision

Have a go at practicing all the sounds you know with the activities on the attached sheet. With the phoneme frame activity, use all the sounds from the purple and orange grids to build the words, with a different phoneme in each square – eg c-a-t or n-igh-t etc

This week our activities are going to be all about reinforcing numbers to 20.

The attached file has 4 different activities on that each day I will signpost you towards – today please have a look at the game Don’t say 20' You may also want to practice singing lots of number and counting songs or games whereby you take it in turns to say the numbers in order. 

On our zoom call we heard that a few children had hatched butterflies. Using the internet search engine ‘Kiddle’ (type kiddle into zoom, it is the child version of google) can you  find out about butterflies – maybe the different patterns, have a look at the symmetry, the lifecycles etc.

Handwashing is really important – I’m sure Kestrels are all really good at it, but I thought we could all have another practice – attached is a link of a song the children are already familiar with, and a catchy new baby shark handwashing song!



Can you practice any of the letters you have found tricky in the last few weeks?

Can you play Kim’s game?

Get a selection of objects – have a very quick look at them and then cover them up – ask someone to take away an object – have a look at them again – can you work out what has gone?

Have a fun day 

Mrs Cuthbert

Tuesday 19th May

Can you choose one of the pictures in the attached file. Can you plan and write a sentence about it – remember to think about what words to say and what sounds you will need to write those words.

Please play the game Race to 20’ - see yesterday's math's games 

You will need numbers on a track to 20, counters or objects and a dice – remember this could be done on a larger scale outdoors with a chalked numberline.

Can you have a go at one of the outdoor art activities on the attached sheet?Or perhaps you have some ideas of your own?

I'm sure we have all had lots of different feelings and emotions over the last few weeks - grumpy, happy, cross, excited...  Using your cutting skills, can you make an emoji face, think about how your character is feeling – there is a template attached but if you do no have a printer, use any paper or card etc you have to stick onto a circular shape or paper plate

Can you practice the letter z – remember to go  'zig zag zig'

Can you gather up lots of socks and gloves – can you count them, can you match them? What patterns are you looking for? Can you count them in 2’s  - do you remember the 2 4 6 8 song to help you? Perhaps there are other objects you could put into matching pairs?

have a good day

Mrs Cuthbert

Wednesday 20th May

Can you practice word building? ask a grown up to say differerent words to you - maybe on your daily walk, and see if you can explode the words to hear the different sounds in them? perhaps you could do a jump or clap for each sound?

Can you share a story from home – can you find any new words, that you perhaps haven’t heard before or don’t really know what they mean – can you talk about those words?

Please play ‘Bingo’  from the attached numbers to 20 file. (I have attached a new set of number cards if your original ones are getting a bit tired)

Tablespoon biscuits  

Have a go at making biscuits using the attached recipe – you only measure using a tablespoon! I am going to get Ollie to have a go at these too. Lots of opportunities for counting and comparting ingredient quantities, aswell as observing what happens when the ingredients are mixed and subsequently baked, and the changes that take place.

Can you practice writing your full name and surname – remember to form all the letters correctly.

 Teddy Bears picnic – can you plan a picnic lunch or tea to have in the garden? What will you need? What food will you have – perhaps you could plan and write a list?

We will see as many of you as possible on zoom at 3pm

Have a lovely day - it's going to be very warm so don't forget to drink lots of water!

Mrs Cuthbert

Thursday 21st May

Good morning. It was lovely to see some of you on our zoom call yesterday. It was a gorgeous day, I hope you all got chance to enjoy some of the sunshine?

Using the techniques used previously, can you practice the tricky words – said, like, so, little.

With your family can you play ‘My Aunt went to Paris’ – memory game

Take it in turns to say My Aunt went to Paris and she bought me a… each person repeats the items that have been said previously, aswell as adding another item of your own – see how many items you can remember in your game?

Can you spot missing numbers?

Ask an adult to say the numbers to 20 (from different starting numbers) and spot which number is missing…

Can you put the Number cards in order – if someone covers one, can you spot which one is missing?

Can you go on a Rainbow treasure hunt activity - see attached file. 

(if you do not have a printer, then draw squares using different coloured pencils or coloured paper and use this as your hunting paper instead)

Can you practice using scissors or a different tool – maybe a hand whisk, a peeler hole punch or stapler, perhaps a pencil sharpener?

In other circumstances, today would have been our school sport’s day. Kestrels would have taken part in obstacle races, teddy relays, running, egg and spoon races as well as lots of other different challenges. Why not hold a Family sport’s day and think of some races you could have a go at at home with your family.

Have a good day 

Mrs Cuthbert

Friday 22nd May

Phonics play – practice your blending with the ‘make a match game’ on Phonicsplay

Story telling - Can you pick a collection of objects from around your home and make a story about them…

Eg lego man, stick and car - ‘once upon a time there was a lego man who was going for a ride in his car. He drove to the wood and collected lots of sticks that he could take home and chop up for his fire. The End’

Can you have a go at the maths activity entitled ‘various areas’?

Outdoor Home learning bingo - see attached file

Number formation – can you practice writing your numbers – really focus on the ones you find a bit tricky

Can you have a family quiz? Maybe on zoom with another family? I’ve put together a Disney round to get you started (see file) but perhaps you could add some more questions about other things you are experts in? 

Have a lovely half term - hopefully there will be plenty of good weather and you can all do some lovely outdoor activities

Stay safe

Mrs Cuthbert 







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