Week Commencing March 1st.

Date: 28th Feb 2021 @ 4:49pm

Monday 1st March 

Hello and welcome to what is hopefully our last week of home learning!

Can you listen to the story of Hattie Peck - https://youtu.be/7q7FnLsuMR0  and then have a go at writing about your favourite part of the book - see Mrs Cuthbert's video for more information; https://youtu.be/ecIZcCR7WGI

Listen to Mrs Cuthbert read Superworm on the attached link;


Superworm is a character, who, just like Hattie Peck, loves to help people. Can you talk about (and make a list) of some of the kind things he does?

Using all the techniques you have used so far, practice your tricky words. 

White Rose Building 9 &10, week 2; Session 1,  Counting back from 10


Can you watch the Numberblocks episode – 10 and join in with the singing, counting and number sentences they practice. 

https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08r41qb/numberblocks-series-2-ten-green-bottles monday

There are also lots of counting songs to practice saying numbers back from 10 on the attached link.


When you practice counting back from 10, can you also practice counting back from a different number eg 7 or 8?

Have a look at the ideas on the attached file, and have a go at making your own picture of Hattie Peck, using handprints for her feathers.

Can you join in with Andy's workout? https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p06tmn8z/andys-wild-workouts-series-1-2-african-savannah

Can you have a go at some jigsaw puzzles at your home?

Mrs Cuthbert

Tuesday 2nd March

This Thursday is World Book Day. The activities set on Thursday will all centre around books and there will be an invitation to take part in a National Share a story Live event at 10.30. https://www.worldbookday.com/event/words-pictures-bring-reading-to-life/

As such our daily class Zoom will be at 2.30pm on Thursday. The usual log in details will still apply. 

Can you put the lettters o and r together to make or. With the sound, or, have a collection of words /pictures that have that sound in. (you might want to use the ideas on the attached file ‘or words’ Pick a word /pic and for each one they recognise they have to run and fetch an object (perhaps a toy off their bed) and bring it back to the base before trying the next word.

Non fiction – animals from egg

Can you watch Mrs Cuthbert's video. Pick an animal (either one from the powerpoint or another that you know of) and write an information sentence / picture eg ‘a chick comes from an egg’ ‘a snake hatches from an egg’. Use all the sounds and tricky words you know to create your sentence. Keep your sentences very safe and then bring them to school next week. We will then compile a class non fiction book or display with them all.


White Rose  Building 9 &10, week 2; Session 2. Comparing numbers within 10

Numberblocks Bonds to 10 – series 3; '10 again'  https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0bn5k6h/numberblocks-series-3-ten-again 

Can you join in with Oti's workout?  https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000k009/otis-boogie-beebies-series-1-9-favourite-place

Can you create a ‘mini world’ with your toys  - maybe lego or animals?

Mrs Cuthbert


Wednesday 3rd March 

can you put the letters U r together to make the sound 'ur' in burger. Can you build words with 'ur' in making a fist bump for each sound eg c-ur-l, burn, fur, turn, church, surf. Can you share the 'ur' story on the attached file and either jump up when you hear the 'ur' sound, or highlight them when you can read the ur sound. 

Active phonics pdf

Lay out two or three hoops (cushions, trays, towels etc) as targets and label each one with our latest sounds your child is currently learning (or, ur, oo, ar etc). Gather soft toys and other throwable items. Call out words that have those sounds in. The aim is to use the toys as shot-puts to throw into the correct hoop. Each toy in the correct hoop is a point! Mix them up and try again to see if everyone can better their score

Phonic play –phase 3 make a match, week 6

White Rose Building 9 &10, week 2, Session 3 - Comparing numbers within 10 – more and fewer

Hattie Peck - You might want to listen to the story again. https://youtu.be/7q7FnLsuMR0

When Hattie takes her family to their new homes she feels sad (even though she knows it was the right thing to do) She feels as though she is missing something. How do you feel when you lose something? All of Hattie’s family return with a lovely scarf to cheer her up on her birthday.

Can you challenge yourself today to do something kind for someone else. It might be playing or helping a sibling, maybe help with dinner or help tidy up? How did doing something kind for someone else make you feel? How do you think it made them feel?

Ball skills PDF  On this file there are lots of different ball skill games. Pick one or 2 of them to practice today. You might want to keep hold of the rest of the games and play them over the coming weeks.

Can you use your toys to have a teddy bears picnic? What things will your teddies need? Can you use your counting skills or maybe make a list of the things you will need?

Have Fun

Mrs Cuthbert

Thursday 4th March

Today is World Book Day, so I would like us to do something slightly different from our activities today. Instead of our usual zoom in at 10:30 We are going to zoom at 2.30pm so that we can join in with the World Book Day ‘share a story live’ event at 10:30am.


For our activities today, I have picked three books that we all really enjoy. For each book I have added a selection of activities that you might want to try. You can pick as many or as few of the activities as you like, or it may be that you just want to enjoy all the stories and think of your own ideas.


Our first story is the Bear Hunt as told by Michael Rosen. The best way to listen to the story is when Michael Rosen himself reads it see attached link.


After this activity you may wish to tell your own Bear Hunt story thinking about the different things you could find and how you could get across them, and what language you could use to describe getting across them. For example you might want to come across fallen leaves, which might make rustle rustle sound, or you could come across ice which could be slippy slidey. You may prefer to re tell the story from the book using the same language from the story. Perhaps you have some props at your home that you could use to be the different parts of the story for example brown cushions for the mud white pillows for the snow?

There are also some activities on the attached Bear Hunt file. A lot of them are designed for in a classroom but can be easily adapted to do at home. 

The next story is Elmer. You may have this book at your home or you could listen to David Mckee, the author reading it here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFrD18XLmlM

There are lots of activities to do with Elmer on the attached files including Elmer crafts and an Elmer dice game. 

The final story is the Gruffalo. You can listen to Mrs Cuthbert read it here;


You may have the book to share at home, or you can watch the Gruffalo film on iPlayer…



There are lots of activities attached that you can enjoy after listening to the Gruffalo including some Gruffalo recipes and activities and exploring the Gruffalo website on the attached link.  https://www.gruffalo.com/


You have built one before, but you may wish to build yourself a lovely cosy reading den for today to share lots of lovely books in.


It would be really nice to have a look through the books you have at home and revisit something you have not read for a while or pick out some of your favourite ones. Perhaps you could put some that you want to listen to in the next few days and a separate basket or shelf. Perhaps you have some books that you have grown out of and you want to pass to Younger friend or relative to share them?

Have a lovely day celebrating everything that is wonderful about books!

Mrs Cuthbert

Friday 5th March 

We have made it to what is hopefully our last day of home learning! I want to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of each and everyone of you! Doing your activities at home can be tricky, but you have all done brillantly. I have loved seeing you all on Zoom each day, but I am really looking forward to seeing you all back in the classroom on Monday! 3 more sleeps!!

Some words have more than one syllable (or sounds made from group of letters in them) can you help your child hear the different sound chunks in a word and do a clap for each sound – start with their name and the names of the family members. For example Mrs Cuthbert will be 4 claps / syllables.

Can you listen and clap along with, the syllables in 2 syllable words; handbag, backpack, zig zag, chicken, rabbit, batman, rooftop etc

Reading – Oxford Owls – Zoom Food

White Rose Building 9 &10, week 2, Session 5; Making 10 – filling a giant 10 frame.

Coat hangar bonds – try the activity on the attached PDF to practice bonds to 10.

Can you use all your making skills to create puppets of Hattie and the different characters from the story to help retell it?

Hattie takes her family on a very long journey and packs a picnic of all the things she will need. Can you talk about (and make a list or maybe actually gather foods) what sort of things she should take. Remember to think about what foods are healthy, what foods different animals may enjoy, and why.

Have a go at the PE games on the attached Outdoor activity cards PDF.

Celebrate all amazing home learning – look back at photos, at Tapestry etc

Think about the exciting things you can’t wait to do when back at school

Have a fun day! 

Mrs Cuthbert

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