Week commencing June 8th

Date: 8th Jun 2020 @ 7:35am

Monday 8th June 

Good Morning! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend?

Today's activities are...

Phonics -Ccvc

Using your sound buttons (introduced last week) to read the words - please can your adult write these words with a sound button underneath each letter...

spot, step, stop, skip, trip, plan, from, frog, twin, swim - perhaps you could write them yourself after listening to the sounds in each word?

phase 4 ‘make a match’ game on phonicplay

White Rose Home Learning Week 7 lesson 1

This week’s learning is based around a book we have referenced previously – The Princess and The Wizard

Please see also the attached file for a weight investigation. 

Last week you went on a mini beast / bug hunt.

The attached file has photos of lots of different minibeasts and bugs. Can you look at the photos – did you see any of the bugs on your hunt – are there any you didn’t see that you think you could find? Can you look at the different patterns and colours on the bugs. Can you draw or paint any of them?

Grow a rainbow kitchen roll experiment - the video is for illustration purposes to watch / understand the experiment  before trying the with your child – don’t show them the clip before they have had a chance to explore!


The attached sheet has a number of ball skill activities to be done over the week – pick one for each day.

Have a fun day

Mrs Cuthbert

Tuesday 9th June 

Good Morning 

Using the techniques learnt previously, please practice reading the tricky words; have, like, some, come

White Rose Maths - Home Learning - Week 7 lesson 2

Weight investigation - see attached file 

Snail observation

Can you see if you can find a snail? On a piece of clear plastic or perpex -perhaps a clear container? can you gently pop your snail on it for a few minutes so you can have a close look at it. If you have placed it on clear Perspex, you can have a careful look at the underside of the snail and try and look at the way it moves.

On the search engine Kiddle, can you research snails  - maybe have a look at the African land snail?

Continue with ball skills challenge from yesterday

Grow a rainbow skittles experiment  - the video is for illustration purposes to watch / understand the experiment  before trying the with your child – don’t show them the clip before they have had a chance to explore!


Please keep me updated with your news and activities


Have a fun day

Mrs Cuthbert 

Wednesday 10th June 

Good Morning. Later today is our class Zoom session. It would be lovely to see as many of you as possible, but if you can't make it, please drop us a line and share what you have been doing in your Home Learning instead - we love hearing everyone's news!  kestrelhomelearning@ashtonhayes.cheshire.sch.uk


Phase 4 phonicplay game ‘Buried treasure’

ccvc and ccv words

Can you read the following sentence  together?

Can we train a dragon to come and cook food for us? -can you draw a picture of what the sentence says?

White Rose Maths activities - Week 7 lesson 3

A few weeks ago, one of your challenges was tablespoon biscuits - Ollie made them here too and they were delicious. Today I would like you to have a go at thi biscuit recipe that involves measuring. What happens to the scales when you weigh the different ingredients? What happens to the biscuits when you cook them? 

Can you have a look on the internet at ‘the snail’ by Matisse.

How has Matisse created his snail? What colours has he used? What pattern can you see?

Using torn up coloured paper, can you have a go at creating your own version of his painting?

Please pick another challenge from your ball skills challenge workbook 

Hope to see you on Zoom at 3!

Have a fun day

Mrs Cuthbert

Thursday 11th June 

Good Morning! it was lovely to see some of you on Zoom yesterday and to see some of the lovely home learning you have been doing. 

Can you write a sentence to match this picture? ( see attched file) remember to plan what you want to say, think about what sounds are in the words (are any of them tricky words?) and put finger spaces between your words. 

White Rose Maths - Week 7 lesson 4

Can you go on a weight hunt? choose an object - perhaps a stone, a ball etc and using your hands to test, find things that you think are heavier / lighter than it... You could always use weighing scales to test if you were right.

Some of Kestrels have enjoyed hatching butterflies. Can you enjoy the story of the very hungry caterpillar and then see if you can remember which days he ate which foods. Can you think od ways to descrbe the different foods hea eats? which ones do you like? Can you remember the order of the days of the week? Can you sing a song to help you? The following link has some catchy cbeebies days of the week songs.


Can you pick another ball skill to practice from the booklet earlier in the week.

Have a fun day and don't forget to send me an email with all your news

Mrs Cuthbert

Friday 12th June 

Hello - it's Friday already! time is flying very fast

Can you practise writing the tricky words was and you. 

Can you have a look at a non fiction book – write about something you have found out. 

White Rose Maths Week 7 lesson 5

Cbeebies - have a look at Numberblocks and choose a couple of episodes to watch - maybe on a number you find tricky?

Using the attached ideas, can you create your own Very Hungry Caterpillar craft activity.

The weather is not as nice at the moment - can you create yourself a really cosy den to snuggle in and look at books - maybe somewhere you can share them with your family.

Have a good weekend

Mrs Cuthbert









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