Week commencing June 1st

Date: 31st May 2020 @ 6:01pm

How is it possibly June already?

I hope you had a lovely half term and have been making the most of this glorious weather? It has been lovely to catch up with jobs in the garden.

Monday 1st June

We are going to start finding out about what new blends we can make when we put letters together – I have attached examples of these blends on the phase 4 sound mat, which as you become experienced will start to read those 2 sounds together in a blend  (instead or producing a ‘new sound’ - it is not a digraph unlike the sounds in phase 3) (apologies if you do not have access to a printer, if not it could be worth saving a digital copy somewhere handy?)

I’m sure everyone is really good now at reading what we call ‘cvc ‘ words eg c-a-t (consonant vowel consonant) or words with phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs – eg f-i-sh, ch-ur-ch etc

Today we are going to start looking at cvcc words.

Can you sound talk and write the word ‘ten’ eg t-e-n. ten. Now add a ‘t’ at the end – it has become t-e-n-t – tent. Repeat this with ‘ben(d) and Dam(p) 

On Phonic play, can you play Buried Treasure, selecting phase 4, cvcc words using set 1-7 initially, building up to other sets as applicable.

Can you try reading the sentence (and maybe building sounds and writing)

Help! I got a bump on the leg


Can you have a look at some non fiction books, either online or at home? what information can you find out from them?

Can you go on a Bug hunt? Where do you think you might find some bugs? What do you notice about where the bugs are choosing to live?

It is really important to wash our hands – Kestrels are, I’m sure, really good at this. Can you design a Handwashing poster and display it in your home to help remind everyone to wash their hands? Perhaps you could watch some of the video clips shared previously to  help you with ideas?

This week we are going to start to use the White Rose, home learnign plans - see link to support maths development. https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/early-years/ week 6 (day 1 today) the learning is built around the snail and the whale, but it does not matter if you do not have access to this book. 

I'm sure lots of children have been playing with water this weekend - perhaps in a paddling pool? I would like you to use your water play to carry out a little investigation... Can you get some different containers and as many different sized spoons as you can find. Can you investagate how many spoons it takes to fill the differerent containers with water? do you need to use more spoonfulls with some spoons than others? why do you think that is? which is the best spoon to use? which container do you think is biggest and why?

Have a fun day 

Mrs Cuthbert 




Tuesday 2nd June 


Using the techniques learnt previously, please practice the Tricky words

Said and so


Can you pick one of your books at home and think about how the story ends…I’d like you to have some fun thinking about different ways the story could end… For example, the Gruffalo and the mouse become good friends, or the aliens don’t go back to space in Aliens love underpants, and instead they decide to stay on earth…

White Rose Home learning, week 6 day 2

Can you go on a tiny teeny hunt? Find a matchbox - or other small container. Can you see how many little objects you can fit inside? Perhaps the petal of a flower, a small stone, a coin etc

Can you explore Rhythm? Listen to some of your favourite songs and listen out for the beat that is repeating throughout. Can you tap along with it? Now can you try creating your own rhythm by tapping on different materials  - eg pots, pans, pathways etc

Think back to your bug hunt yesterday. Can you think about the different creatures you saw and how they moved? Can you think of some other animals and the way they move. With your body, can you explore different ways to move? Which animal are your movements like? What words describe your movements? Which parts of your body are moving the most?

Can you find some materials in the garden to build a den? maybe some pieces of wood, garden chairs, picnic blankets etc - IKEA have provided some ideas for you...


Have a fun day 

Mrs Cuthbert

Wednesday 3rd June 

When we are learning how to build word in Kestrel class, we often use sound buttons – a single spot under each letter for each separate sound (grapheme) and a little dash for the graphemes that are made of more than 1 letter (phase 3)

Either writing, or using magnetic letters can you create 4 sound buttons and put a letter on each to spell the following words; bump, jump, went, tent, damp, bend, mend


Can you enjoy some poetry – try sharing ‘Number Poems’ on the Oxfprd Owls website? Perhaps you also have some poetry books at home that you could share?

The attached link also has lots of different poems to listen enjoy.


White Rose Home learning, week 6 day 3


Can you explore different containers to see which one holds the most?

How can you find out which holds more/ less? (perhaps you could pour from one container to another?) Can you make the containers full, half full, empty nearly empty etc using the correct language?

Could you find a way to record which is the largest container?

I’m sure everyone enjoys Singing along to songs- karaoke / learning new songs. Can you put some of your favourite songs on and try and learn some of the lyrics? Perhaps the chorus where the song is really catchy etc

If you have any wheeled toys at home - Bike, scooter, skateboard roller skates etc – can you practice the ones you maybe find tricky?

Can you play who am I? Think of a character for each other and take it in turns to ask questions that have to be answered with a  yes or no. Use the clues to try and work out who you are.  

Have a Fun Day

Mrs Cuthbert


Thursday 4th June

Good Morning!

Unfortunately the internet at school is not working at the moment. Mrs Cuthbert is up to her elbows on the comtrend box and will have it fixed in no time. As soon as it is sorted she will post today's home learning activities for you.

In the mean time have a look at this osprey on its nest live in Scotland:



Good Morning  - Thankyou Mr Gibert - we are now up and running although unfortuantely I can take no credit for fixing it!

Using the attached file. please can you draw a picture to match the sentence.

Choose a book from home. Can you describe the setting? what does it look like, what can you see there? What words describe it? Is is hot or cold? How do you know etc

Perhaps you could draw a picture of the setting in your story – is it space, seaside, forest etc?

White Rose Home learning, week 6 day 4

Can you play a game with a set of cards

Can you play snap or matching pairs – you could choose whether to match the numbers or symbols.

Can you go on a Shiny hunt? Can you hunt around your home and garden for things that are shiny? How could you record what you have found? Could you take photos, make a list, collect the objects, put a label on them etc

Can you have a go at water painting - use large brushes and water to paint your walls outside. Can you use really long big moves to cover a wall.

Have a fun day

Mrs Cuthbert

Friday 5th June 

Happy Friday! It was lovely to see some of you on zoom on Wednesday. 

Can you choose one of your stories  - perhaps a fairy tale? Can you change it slightly to make your own version? Perhaps have different characters or a different setting or perhaps a different problem and solution?

Can you choose a game on Phonicsplay to play, practicing your phase 3 sounds and phase 4 blends.

White Rose Home learning, week 6 day 5

Can you play a game with a set of cards?

Can you turn over two card and see if you can add the two numbers – you could use counters to help or perhaps put the larger number in your head and count on.

If you have a magnet at home, can you go on a magnetic hunt? does the magnet stick to any of the things you found in your shiny hunt yesterday?

Can you play Family charades? Can you act out simple films or books to your family?

Can you play Family Pictionary? Can you do simple drawings of objects, stories etc for the other players to try and guess who you are.

Have a good weekend

Mrs Cuthbert




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