Week Commencing February 22nd

Date: 21st Feb 2021 @ 11:03am

Hello and welcome back to a new half term. Hopefully it will not be too long before we are able to welcome everyone back in person, I hope everyone was able to enjoy some rest and family time over the half term break.

This week our ongoing story unit is Tiddler, which Mrs Cuthbert is reading for you on the attached link;


Monday 22nd February

Befor half term we were introduced to lots of new sounds. Can you practice your phonics (blending and segmenting) using the phonics play website? Pick one of your favourite games from phase 3 and add the sounds we have learnt so far. You may wish to do a quick sound dash using your purple sound mat first. 

Reading; Oxford Owls – Dad, can you do this?

White Rose Building 9 and 10, Session 1 – ‘representing 9/10’ see link;


Use the attached 10 frames (or create your own) to see how many ways you can show 9 on the 10 frame (only one item per space) what do you notice everytime? (there is always only 1 space left)

Next, roll 2 dice (put a sticker with zero on over each 6) and put the total number of counters represented by the dice on the 10 frame.

Choose a window in your home and have a really good look. Can you draw a picture or write a list of the things you can see?

If you choose to write a list, remember the instructions from the pancake menu – each item below on a new line and listen for the sounds in the word you are writing.

Can you practice the Formation of number 9 – use the formation cards on the class page (Spring 2021) of the main school website for the formation.

Can you try the Awe and Wonder activity? Plastic bag parachutes.

Have a fun day

Mrs Cuthbert

Tuesday 23rd Febuary

Hello and welcome to Tuesday! I hope everyone was able to get out in the sunshine on Monday?

Oo has 2 ways of saying and reading it depending upon the word. Sometimes it is a long ‘oo’ in moon and sometimes a short one (eg in book) with more of an ‘u’ sound.

Can you watch the Alphablocks episode below to practice this sound.


Use the attached PDF to sort words with a short and long oo.

Can you listen to Mrs Cuthbert read the story of Hattie Peck, The Journey Home on the attached link?



Talk about what happens in the story and the parts you like.

Can you tell the story to someone else?

White Rose,  Building 9 and 10 - Session 2 – Representing 9/10

Using objects in your home can you find lots of ways to represent 10. It might be that you get 10 cars, people, pencils etc. when you have found different ways to show 10, can you explore different ways to split your groups of 10?

Numberblocks – see link


Farm video – can you watch the video of Farmer Bill's (Mr Cuthbert) farm? He has lots of calves to care for and cows to milk. 


What things did you spot in the film?  If you have any questions of things you would like to ask Farmer Bill, send them in an email and I will ask him for you. 

Can you make a record of what you saw? You could make a  picture, write a sentence, write a fact, make a map…


On the attached file is a photo of one of Mr Cuthbert’s newest calves – a girl.

Can you think of a name for her? If you email or Tapestry your ideas, we can put all the names in a hat and draw out the winning name for the calf!

Can you join in with Oti – up and down and around – see link.


Have a fun day 

Mrs Cuthbert 


Wednesday 24th February

Thankyou so much for the name suggestions for the calf and questions for Farmer Bill, we hope to answer them all on Zoom today.  

Can you remember the story maps we have made previously for the story of Lost and Found and The Gingerbread Man – I have included some ideas on the attached file and modelled a story map on the youtube link below. 

Think back to the story of Hattie Peck shared yesterday. You might want to re listen to the story.

And then think about the main events and things that happened in the story. Can you create a story map of the Hattie Peck story and then use it to retell the story?


White Rose Session 3 – ordering numerals to 10

Can you write the numbers 1-10 on cards. Can you find different ways to put them into order? For example you might want to spread them on the floor, down a door frame, on a ‘washing line’. Once they are in order play a game with an older sibling or adult whereby you have to use your number line to ask each other questions. For example, what number is before / after a given number? What number is between 2 numbers? You could ask the adult to hide a number and then guess which number is missing? 

When Hattie takes her babies to their new homes, she has a ‘Nervous Flutter’ What do you think this means? See PDF

Can you match the animals and their babies on the matching photos pdf? Do you know the names of the different animal babies? Can you pick an episode from the attached link to find out more about animals babies?


Number bonds to 5 ‘twister’

Can you write numbers 0-5 on sheets of paper taped to the floor or chalked on the ground. Make a grid with 3x4 grid with 2 of each number, randomly placing the numbers on the grid. Ask an adult to call out numbers between 0 and 5 and see if you can put either your hands or feet on pairs of numbers that make that  number, You may want to stick to one total to begin with eg 5, and practice all the bond pairs that make that total.

Can you practice the Formation of number 10 – remember to put the 1 and 0 the correct way round!

You will probably have noticed, when you have been out, that there are ‘signs of Spring’ all around – flowers peeking through, buds on the trees and birds singing. Can you complete the Spring scavenge hunt?

Mrs Cuthbert

Thursday 25th February

We had some really good questions in the Zoom session and lots of the children were very interested in the cows having 4 stomachs. I have found this video online which explains a little more about how the cows use their stomachs and make the milk. 


Lily-Heart is very happy with her new name! 

On Friday's Zoom with Mrs Bacchus you will be playing Tricky word bingo. I have re shared the bingo boards, but this week instead of phonic sounds the bingo will be using the tricky words the children have learnt so far. Please add these words to a 3x2 grid; the to into no go I we me be he she was my. 

When we put a and r together we make an ar sound.

can you think of words with ar in and then blend / segment (build and explode) them with a fist bump for each sound (phoneme) and then pushing them all together? C-ar (farm, park, barn, star)

Can you play Picnic on Pluto on Phonic Play, phase3, set 1-7 +ar

Reading; Phonics play phonics comics -

Moon Farm Park

White Rose, week 1, Session 4 – composition of 9/10 - Partitioning

Numberblocks – series 2 – 'nine'

can you Collect 9 objects and explore ways they can be split into 2 groups, observing how many are in each group. 

Can you pick a Hattie Peck character and design a bed for them. Think about what size it will need to be. What sort of things the character might like, what shape it will need to be. Where they would like the bed to be?

Can you have a go at making the bed from construction? I have attached a picture of some of the images of the book that show some of Hattie's children.

I have also re attached the link incase anyone wishes to listen to the story again.


Can you join in with Andy’s wild Adventures –' Night time'


Mrs Mochrie and Mrs Conery have shared a forest school at home activity on the attached file for you t try.

Have a fun day

Mrs Cuthbert


Friday 26th February

Your Zoom session today is with Mrs Bacchus - don't forget to have your bingo cards ready with tricky words. 

Can you practice writing the tricky words no go. Using  ideas suggested previously (word hunts, matching pair, aiming games with words on large sheets / buckets etc) can you practice the tricky words you have learnt so far; no go into the I to we me be he she was my. 

White Rose, week 2, Session 5 – no’s to 10

Do you have something at home you have to help take care of? Perhaps a younger sibling? A pet? Some favourite teddies? A plant? Some wild bird in the garden?

Could you create a poster, with labels, to show how you look after whatever it is? You could start with a picture – photo or drawing in the middle of the thing you help take care of and then add labels around it to show.

Can you practice writing the numbers 1-10 and put them in order. Make sure you give extra practice to the ones you find tricky. 

Can you have a family games night? Pick out your favourite board games and enjoy playing them together.

The weather forecast for today is for glorious sunshine. Please take the opportunity to get out in the garden, go for a walk or a bike ride and have fun! Maybe you could spot some signs of spring?

Have a fun weekend and see you next week for our final week of home learning!

Mrs Cuthbert

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