Week 2 of Home Learning - Tuesday 31st March

Date: 31st Mar 2020 @ 3:42pm

As time goes on, we need to help families find a healthy balance. That’s probably a bit of Maths, a bit of writing and some reading every day.  Well, lots of reading, as much reading as can be mustered!  We’re hoping to do more project-based work to keep the children motivated and engaged with the work. But the key point of the learning is parents spending time and talking with their kids wherever at all possible. Cook together, listen to music, draw, do a jigsaw, do some gardening, play in the garden etc. I have found a new favourite pastime of playing badminton – it’s amazing how much fun you can have trying to beat your record for continuous rallies (125 if you were wondering!). Creating home patterns and regularity is the important bit.

School is a quiet, strange place to be. Over the weekend I took time to step back breathe and re-evaluate what it is we’re doing and how it helps our families and our communities. The weekend was a very sad one with the loss of a very dear friend at the age of just 43. It is amazing how loss and that little bit of time can make you reflect on what is really important.

Tomorrow, we continue to open the doors for children of parents who are critical to the response for COVID-19.  Their continued work on the frontline is never far away from my thoughts – I am thankful that we can play a small part in helping with that.

Anyway back to the Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off. Stay Safe.

Mr Hover