Tuesday 3rd June

Date: 3rd Jun 2020 @ 10:03am

Happy Rainy Day Team!!


I do apologise for my slightly later blog this morning. Between our internet deciding to play up and Frankie wanting to quite literally sit on my head as I type...it's taken a bit longer than usual. 


I was sad when I woke up this morning to grey clouds and lots of rain...but then I looked out of my window and saw my flowers. Is it possible that they actually looked happy? They're going to love this cool down so much! And it also means Frankie can wear his new raincoat which we have been waiting to try out...so I've found the positives and I'm feeling great again! Even with rubbish internet and a mini human crawling over the laptop right now. 


I have to mention Mr JM this morning. He is always so enthusiastic and so dedicated to his home learning which is just brilliant, but yesterday he wowed me even more with the imagery he used in his character description...

'It's like the sea woke up the day this fish was born...' I just loved it! What a brilliant image and emotion this creates in our head. Good work Ol!


So onto today's home learning. I was telling Bethany in school how excited I was for you to see today's work. The first task is SUCH a fun activity from a really wonderful webiste that I found. You need to complete task one before you move onto the writing part in task two. 


I will finish this blog here as I know some of you will be waiting for this to be posted. So sorry again!

Have a happy day. Get your wellies on...coats zipped up and make the most of this beautiful rain which will be helping so much of our nature today! 

Miss you all

Miss Fray

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