Tuesday 19th May

Date: 19th May 2020 @ 8:23am

Hello you lovely lot!

I'm not sure why, but I feel SUPER tired this week. I can't believe that I am going to admit this to you...but I have just been putting the dishes away and as I opened my corner kitchen cupboard where I keep my baking things,  I found my milk! In the cupboard. Not the fridge like it should be! I must have put it in there after my morning cuppa. Oh dear!! So to help me wake up and get motivated for the day I have put on music and I've had a good boogie (and you know I'm being serious). Today, whether you're feeling tired or not...I want you to all have a 3 minute disco! Put one song on nice and loud and DANCE! Like there is nobody watching! Honestly, it will make you feel ace!

I'm loving the work you're sending in and uploading to your scrapbooks at the moment. I've seen some great starts to your artist work. I knew you would enjoy creating mood boards. I've also been SO impressed with some of the sports speeches I have watched. Some fantastic vocabulary and brilliant descriptions of emotions. I'm loving your maths presentations, and even more so, that you're challenging Mr Morris and properly putting him to the test! Also, some of you are getting creative with your home learning and setting yourself challenges. We even have someone who is writing their own book, currently in the 'editing stage'. How exciting! 

For today's tasks, as I said yesterday, you have your art project to be continuing with. I have uploaded another fun reading challenge below about your current reading book.

Finally, I saw Mr Gilbert's blog yesterday and he put a link to 'Draw with Rob' sessions which look FAB and are perfect for our arty week! Rob Biddulph is an award winning author and illustrator, who has been doing daily drawing lessons on facebook, youtube and his website. This Thursday he is planning to try to break the World record for the largest online art lesson ever. It would be great to be part of, so if you fancy getting warmed up, have a look at his website, or facebook page to get prepared for the attempt on Thursday. 



Have a wonderful day team, and if you do use the milk at any point...remember it lives in the fridge. Not in the cupboard!

Miss Fray 


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