Thursday 23rd April

Date: 23rd Apr 2020 @ 7:40am

Good morning team!

I hope you saw my blog post about Earth Day yesterday. On our walk we saw lot of lovely things in people's windows and gardens. My favourite were some beautiful doves made out of plastic milk bottles. What a wonderful way to save our planet and reuse 'single use' plastic. Here is a website I found with how to make them:

I hope your home learning is going well this week and you feel back into the swing of it all. Thank you to everyone wanting to share what they have done with us. We love looking through what you have been up to. Here are today's suggested tasks. I have also included a cooking with maths activity that looks really fun so make sure you send us pictures of your yummy treats!

1. Reading and Writing: powerful writing (poetry)

2. Mymaths: angle sums

3. Cooking/Maths: Domino cookies

Finally, just to give you all a little Thursday giggle, I have uploaded our Karma Chameleon dancing that I told you about yesterday. I don't know the words and Frankie does not look impressed at one moment...but I hope it makes you smile! As you can imagine, we have a boogie every day in our house. So put some music on and DANCE!

Can't wait to hear from you. Stay safe and stay happy!

Miss Fray

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