Peregrine Class 8th January

Date: 8th Jan 2021 @ 4:12pm

Happy Friday and a huge well done for jumping right back into home learning at such short notice! This week certainly hasn't been what any of us expected after returning to school on Monday but here we are. I don't know about you, but I feel that it has been a very positive and productive week for Peregrines. I would like to say a huge thank you for all of your support and patience and for engaging with the home learning so positively. I have recieved lots of lovely emails with your children's work attached and it's so great to hear that they are enjoying the tasks! 

Important for next week:

You should have recieved a Zoom rota via email today. Your child has been allocated a day where they will have the opportunity to share with the class during the morning Zoom. Sharing on zoom is optional but if your child would like to share, please make a note of their day so that they are prepared!

I have noticed today that some children are uploading their work onto School Spider. This is great and I know it may have been encouraged last Spring/Summer. However, School Spider doesn't notify me when there are comments added or work uploaded to a homework task. I have to click back on every homework task individually to check for comments/ work. Due to the volume of home learning, this isn't the most efficient system. Of course, the homework section on School Spider was designed for weekly homework, not home learning! It's fine to upload work onto School Spider but I may miss it and I am not able to feed back to your child on there. If you would like feedback, please send work over to 

Thanks again for your continued support and hard work!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss D :)