Peregrine Class 6th November

Date: 6th Nov 2020 @ 3:38pm

What a great first week back!

It feels like such a long time since I last saw Peregrine class. I'd like to say a huge well done to all of Peregrines for their hard work during the period of home learning before half term. The work that was emailed over was fantastic and I am so proud of the children's resilience during these strange times!

For a 4 day week, we have certainly crammed in a lot of learning.

In English, we have been writing descriptions of the Apollo 13 explosion. We have been focusing on including expanded noun phrases and prepositions in our writing. We have also been focusing on improving our vocabulary choices to make our writing more interesting for the reader. 

In maths, we have been working on addition and subtraction. We have been practising using place value grids to add and subtract 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s, with and without exchanges. Today we used iPads and interactive place value counters to help us which the children really enjoyed. 

In PE this week we have been working on intercepting. We played a great game called pirate interceptors where we had to use teamwork and passing skills to get the treasure from treasure island to our pirate ships without losing it to the interceptors.

In Science, we have sadly had to abandon our bean plants as they went almost 3 weeks without water! We have set up a new investigation though to find out how water travels through plants. We have placed celery and some white flowers in a mixture of water and food colouring. Hopefully, the food colouring will help us to observe where the water travels more clearly. 

This afternoon in topic, we have been sorting events chronologically and creating timelines of Katherine Johnson's life.




Y3 Spellings - homophones (please learn these words in context)

  1. Ball
  2. bawl
  3. berry
  4. bury
  5. brake
  6. break
  7. fair
  8. fare
  9. mail
  10. male

Y4 Spellings 

  1. scene
  2. seen
  3. whose
  4. who's
  5. affect
  6. effect
  7. here
  8. hear
  9. heel
  10. heal


Maths -

Go to

use the counters to help you to complete: 


  1. 345 + 80 =
  2. 672 - 9 =
  3. 837 + 300 =


  1. 4356 + 90 =
  2. 5267 - 400 =
  3. 8765 + 300 =