Owl Class 24th September

Date: 24th Sep 2020 @ 2:25pm

Hello everyone! 

What a wonderful start to the week we have had in Owl class! 

In our maths work we have been continuing to represent numbers, considering how we can partition 2 and 3 digit numbers into different variations of tens and ones using part-whole models. We have been explaining our maths thinking to each other as well as also focusing on how to make our written work clear. What has been really lovely to see is how helpful Owl class are to each other. I have noticed on so many occasions when children have been trying to explain how they worked something out to somebody who is struggling. What a team!

In English we have finished the work we have been doing about the book, ‘Here we are’ and have written a whole class poem together about protecting our amazing Planet. Not only did we write it, but we also learnt a part each and performed it in a one take wonder video, all in just two days! Your children do not fail to make leave on a Wednesday with the BIGGEST smile! They’re just ace! I have attached the video to this blog...I really hope it works! If not, I am also going to be posting it on our Facebook page with the hashtag #CLPEwordsfortheworld . Maybe Oliver Jeffers (the author of the book) will see it himself!

We have also started our art work this week! I wish I could attach a picture, but the children don’t want me to spoil the final piece so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait til next week for those! 


Thank you to every one of you for making sure the children have everything they need each day, the balancing acts we have seen as they juggle it with no bag has been brilliant...we have some circus acts on our hands! Just a little reminder that, whilst the children need their reading books folders in every day, it is specifically important for them to be brought in on a Wednesday as this isn’t when we will be changing their reading books over. 


Please remember you can get in touch with school with any questions or worries. I’m so glad I know lots more of your faces now as a few weeks have passed! 


Miss Fray