Owl Class 5th January

Date: 5th Jan 2021 @ 8:55am

Hello you wonderful lot!


I just wanted to post to tell you all that I'm so sad I haven't walked into a classroom filled with your faces this morning. I'm also so sad that I won't do for a little while now. BUT, I am holding onto the fact that we got to have the loveliest day yesterday and that I got to hear about your lovely Christmas'! It is also making happy to remember that we have done this before and we will do it again! Even more brilliantly than the last time! Just because we're not together we are still the very best team, and promise I will make this time as happy as I can for us all. I'm going to need some ideas for competitions like the comfy reading one so get your thinking caps on!


I know they're well be lots of different feelings this morning. If sad is the main one for you, then do what I've done and tell yourself this won't last forever... tell yourself that you are The Rainbow Children who will have the most amazing stories to tell when you're as old as me... and then put some music on and have a 5 minute disco. I promise you'll smile...even just a little bit!


I know Mr Gilbert is working super hard and more information will be sent out later today about home learning. But until then, you will see an English task and Maths task when you log into your school spider. The home learning emails are also back up and running so please contact me on there with any worries, questions or just to say HELLO: owlhomelearning@ashtonhayes.cheshire.sch.uk

We can do this!

Sending big Miss Fray love!