Date: 23rd Mar 2020 @ 9:56am

Good Morning Owl Class!

I hope you are all well and up and about! It is a beautiful day outside so make the most of it.

It is very strange in school without you all here! 

I was up early looking at the work that my girl's teachers had set for them. They were looking forward to doing some Maths and Writing at home but said it seemed a bit strange learning at home instead of at school.

So, make sure you have a go at some of the activities that have been set for you but do not feel like you have to do them all. I would rather you enjoyed doing a good job of a few rather than rushing them all. 

Although we haven't started setting work this week on the website, please upload photos of the things you are doing into your scrapbook to share it with me and others if you like.

Most importantly, try to have a good time learning, be kind and be safe. (oh and wash your hands!)

Mr G