Monday 1st June

Date: 31st May 2020 @ 10:01pm

Happy New Half Term you wonderful lot!! 

Can I just start by saying... I MISS YOU! SO much!

I've had a really lovely half term week. Like lots of you I'm sure, we have spent lots of time outside. So much seems to have happened in just one week. Obviously all of my favourite bits are going to include Frankie but I'm just so proud of him:

1. He dipped his toes (and whole bottom) in the sea for the very first time

2. He said Ma Ma for the first time (I cried...lots)

3. He took 5 steps all by himself (again...I cried, lots!)

4. When we ask him where his head is, he points to his head (I'll let you guess how I reacted!)

And in non Frankie related updates...I have 7 strawberries on my strawberry plant!!


Please let us know how you are all doing. Actually, we have a Zoom meeting at 11, so I will hopefully see lots of your smiley faces there and you can tell us 'Something that you did over half term.'


Anyway...enough chatter...we should probably get back to the home learning that somehow seems much more normal after all these weeks.

This week all of your tasks have an animal theme. Today, I have attached your reading and writing task in one document. They are both based on non-fiction writing. Mr Morris has put new activities for the week up on MyMaths also.

I know we have the zoom session but please, please, please feel free to email us at to tell us all that you have been up to or with any questions, worries or just generally happy thoughts!


Remember, you are so very missed and we are incredibly proud of you!

Miss Fray


ps. One more exciting thing from my week...I BOUGHT A BIKE!

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