It's Earth Day!!

Date: 22nd Apr 2020 @ 12:09pm

I cannot believe I missed that it is Earth Day today! I told you I don't know what day it is at the moment! And it is taking place during a week where we are looking at how we can help our planet... How perfect! Not only is it Earth Day, but it is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!

Due to us having to stay home and stay safe, lots of celebrations have had to be postponed. However... that doesn't mean we can't still celebrate. Maybe you could take pictures of your walk today...or in your gardens at home. Maybe you could make some nature pictures with things from your garden! In school last week, we did scavenger hunts but rather that finding named items, we found things of different colours (eg. 3 green things, 3 pink things, 3 yellow things) could use what you find to make a picture.

Or maybe you could tell the world that it is Earth Day and make posters for your window that celebrate our wonderful planet and what we can do to look after it!

There are lots of lovely activities online too so do have a look!

Make sure you send me anything you get up to because I really do love hearing from you:

Miss Fray