Enjoying the weather

Date: 20th Apr 2020 @ 1:16pm

Hi everyone, missing you all but just thought I would check in and see if you are enjoying the beautiful weather?  

We are  enjoying getting outside and doing our daily exercise; either a dog walk or a bike ride, we (Sophie, Stuart and I) tend to do a cycle circle between Barrow and Ashton. If someone wizzes by, waves and yells whilst your doing your daily exercise, it may be me!

We're having fires at home in our firepit and enjoying outdoor cooking, we've had toast, burgers, hot dogs and even managed pizza's and marshmallows (of course).  We've even put our tent up on the patio for some home style camping.

On the days I've been in work, we've also done a bit of forest school at school.  It's not quite the same as all of you being there but we're having fun non the less.

I've had a couple of updates from those of you that are building dens, carving wood etc, but if anymore have done anything your proud off, feel free to post it online, either here or any of the school social media sites, we all love seeing what you are up to.

Missing you all,

Mochrie Mongoose