Day 6 learning at home

Date: 30th Mar 2020 @ 8:46am

Hello again,

A new start with home learning - online!

When you log in to the school website with your pupil login details, (found on the cover of your red homelearning book) you will be met with messages showing you have homework! Today you will find English, Maths and Science. There is also a Lego Challenge which I will add to each day. 

As we have been saying from the start, do as much as you all feel comfortable with. The tasks are open-ended enough for you to take as far as you wish. The children of Owl Class are all awesome at challenging themselves and can adapt and develop their ideas brilliantly. Enjoy yourselves and share your end results. There is always more to do on our homelearning pages of the website.

I have just been watching some of Gareth Matcalfe's (Beth's Dad) Home Lessons on his website. They are amazing! If you fancy some brilliant Maths teaching at home then have a watch. He has done 6 lessons so far. I would recommend starting with the first as the skills build. Thank you Gareth!

Thank to everyone who is keeping in touch by uploading their work, photos and videos, and those of you who are just getting in touch for a chat! It is really lovely to see you all and to know you are doing well! 

Don't forget, if you want any help.

Here is a video that a friend of a friend has made whilst self isolating at home. Just goes to show how a little boredom can lead to great creativity! Enjoy!