Day 38 Home learning

Date: 3rd Jun 2020 @ 8:56am

Morning Owls,

Hooray For The Rain!

It felt so different to wake up to a grey sky and a rain this morning. I can't remember the last time we did! 

Ronnie (our puppy) was a little confused and didn't really fancy going out. He has barely seen any rain, ever! Imagine that! We have all probably had some 'first times' in the last few weeks which can be confusing and exciting. I have a feeling that Ronnie is going to have to get used to rain! 

Apparently this week is National Garden Wildlife Week. (There is a week or day for everything! In America it is National egg day today!)  

It could be interesting to have a look around your garden in the rain and see what signs of life you can find in the wet. Is it different to yesterday? Do the animals behave differently when it is raining? See if you can identify any birds, or other creatures you spot. Can you take any photos? I would love to see the results.