Day 35 Home learning

Date: 22nd May 2020 @ 8:22am

Hi Owls!

It is day 35 of our home learning and I still have to delete 'learning' everytime I type because I miss out the space between the words! I blame email addresses and hashtags for this!

Anyway, It was so lovely to hear about the huge range of things you have been learning whilst at home. You really are a creative lot! You are developing such a range of new talents, that you probably wouldn't have had time for in our busy school lives. I certainly don't think we would have so many foreign language speekers, touch typers, chefs, musicians, artists, acrobats, botanists and builders!

Today as well as the usual things in your homework section on here, I have added a password to Raintree Publishing's website so that you can access more reading books online that link to our coloured system. Feel free to have a look. You might even want to go for the next colour or two to have a challenge.

Have fun!