Day 3 and 4 - Home Learning 3 - the slightly late, disappointing sequel

Date: 26th Mar 2020 @ 8:44pm

Hello all,

I hope you're all well and enjoying this wonderful weather that we seem to be having.  The irony of being on a 'lockdown' when the weather is like this does not escape me.

I have spoken to several parents over the past few days, all with varying accounts of home learning, getting things done, not getting things done.  The truth is, this week is about settling down.  If that means on one day you sit out in the garden, play games, kick a football, bounce on a trampoline and read some stories, then that’s great.  Other days may be better to be structured, with more focus on some of the activities we sent home with you. Just as long as the children have plenty of time to read, all good.

Over the next few days, you may run out of paper work that was sent home last week.  Next week, information will continue to be posted onto the school website, on the Class Blog.  This will give instructions on the activities for that day.  There will be instructions where to find the activities but the majority should on the pupils’ individual logins.  When setting the work, the staff will look to be able to support those who do not have printers – for example, there may be an activity that can either be printed or could be recorded in the home learning exercise book we sent home with the pack.  Hopefully, you will just need access to a computer / iPad for the children to refer for guidance.  There will also be opportunities for children to record work on the computer via the scrapbooks and Blogs. There are also ways in which you can take a photo of the work and upload it so that the class teacher can see it.

Look out for the events at Chester Zoo; it now has a Virtual Zoo, absolutely free.  Or you may just want to be outdoors, so why not try one of the Woodland Trust ideas.