Day 2 - Home Learning 2 - return of the home learning

Date: 24th Mar 2020 @ 5:48pm

Day 2.  Today I was in school.  It was a very surreal feeling but, as with all of this, we made the best of it and did the best we could to provide childcare for children of those critical workers that have no other place to go. 

Things are changing on a daily basis.  Yesterday, I was the chief childcare for my own children.  And it was chilled.  No pressure.  Do what can be done, that’s the order of the day.  Tried out a recipe for wholemeal bread in the slow cooker – turned out surprisingly OK (picture below)!

There are so many things that are now available online that it may seem a bit daunting and overwhelming.  So please, do little bits at a time.  Work out what fits for you and your family.  The staff will continue to guide via their daily blogs but this week is just about getting used to the new way we are living and working.

Finally, I know I said about there being so many things out there it may be overwhelming but I have heard that Oti Mabuse is live streaming her dance sessions as well! Maybe I could use this as an excuse to learn to dance……..maybe not.

Keep in contact and keep safe.

Mr Hover