Day 12 Home Learning

Date: 21st Apr 2020 @ 8:02am

Good morning Owl Class.

I hope that you managed to find your home learning activities yesterday. They were there from first thing in the morning, but seemed to take a little while to make it actually into your homework section of the wesite (if they made it there at all!) Let's just put it down to Monday-morning-itus. We all suffer from it occasionally even, it seems, the internet! Hopefully you manged to find the activities, English and Maths have content for the week, so if you still have nothing showing when you log on please email me at and I will make sure you get it. 

If all else fails, (or have a look anyway) the BBC bitesize daily lessons look fantastic.

I had a really good look through your online scrap books yesterday and am really impressed with the work I have been seeing. It is a shame that I cannot comment on your scrap books, but please keep posting as I am reading and looking at everything that you post. It will be so lovely when we get the chance to have a look at eachother's scrap books and for you to reflect on all of the things you have been up to in this strange time.