Date: 2nd Jun 2020 @ 9:32am

Happy happy happy Tuesday everyone!


I have been typical Miss Fray today and have forgotten my laptop and I don't know my password to log in and set a that is why it says that Mr Gilbert has posted this.

I’m in school today so only a short blog from me. I hope you’re all okay! It was lovely to see your faces on Zoom yesterday…after the technical glitch! (I blame Mr Morris!!)


A quick shout out to Chloe for your work on Amazon River Dolphins. A very interesting read! I know lots of you are enjoying the animal themed work this week…today I have set you some thought provoking questions about a wonderfully, majestic fish who I’m sure will make you smile. Both your reading and writing activities are in the one document below.


Make the most of the sunshine today! Apparently it’s going to be a bit of a cloudy and cold end to the week so get your sun cream on, your sun hats at the ready and get outside! Read a book! Water the plants! Go for the walk and take in the fresh air (unless you can smell the very pongy farmer smell that I currently can at school…in which case, put a peg on your nose!)


Have a lovely day and remember…we are here! Always!


Miss Fray


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