Buzzard 11th September

Date: 11th Sep 2020 @ 1:51pm

Good afternoon Everyone

I have been really impressed with start Buzzard Class have made since returning to school. In particular, it has been good to get to know the children and what makes them tick even more this week.

Alongside this they have had the opportunity to show off their skills in lots of areas. This has been achieved through activities such as writing letters to our local MP, locating countries and capital cities on a map, writing poetry, reading and retrieving information in a text and demonstrating maths knowledge during tests.... I mean assessments (Buzzards you know what I mean haha) 

Each week I will be posting a blog on here alongside a post on Facebook celebrating the fantastic work we have been doing during that week. You will also find on the homework section of our class page your homework for that week. You will find spellings, a My Maths activity and a reading comprehension set each week. If any additional work is needed to be set that will also appear on the class page. 

Mr Morris