Week Commencing February 8th

Date: 7th Feb 2021 @ 2:54pm

Monday 8th February 

Good Morning and welcome to the last week of the current half term. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continiued support with the home learning activities and also to recognise how amazing all the children have been with completing their tasks and showing such resilience in a really challanging time for them..

This Friday is an INSET (staff trainiing) day and next week is half term, so after Thursday there will not be any activities set until Monday 22nd February.. Therefore if you wish to save any of this week's activities and carry them into Friday or next week, you are very welcome to.

Listen to the reading of Zog and the Flying Doctors by Mrs Cuthbert on You Tube.


Then watch the video of Mrs Cuthbert demonstrating writing.


Can you have a go at your own writing of the favourite part of the story using the attached PDF.

Remember to plan what you want to say, practice saying your sentence and then hear the sounds in each word / use your tricky words.

Can you read the Oxford Owls ebooks – ‘Quiz’

White Rose, Growing 6,7 and 8 week 3, session 1


Comparing height – language of height

Can you go on a height hunt? Find something taller, shorter, about the same height as, you? Can you find a way of recording what you have found out?

Connectives – familiar event and story telling 

You have all got really good at telling stories and using your story telling language. When you are doing your story telling (or telling a real tale about something you have done) you can make it even better if you use some different words to put the things that have happened in order!

For example;

First my alarm went off and I jumped out of bed.

Then, I went and brushed my teeth and had a wash.

Next I got dressed.

Finally, I went downstairs and had breakfast.

Can you think about something you have done recently – maybe gone for a walk, cooked some food, built a model and practice talking about what you did using those ‘time connective’ words to sequence the events.

It might be helpful to take some photos of the ‘event’ to help you retell it in order.

When you have got really good at using those words to sequence ideas, perhaps you could include some of them in your story telling?

In our classroom we regularly use tools such as brushes, stapler, hole punch, scissors etc in our craft area. Can you have a go at doing some ‘,making’ and include the use of these tools?

You could make a mask, puppets, mini book etc. Use your imagination and get crafty!

Can you have a go at making a Sock puppet character? Perhaps talking about this would be a good chance to practice your time connectives? (see file) you might be able to include some of the ideas you used when you designed a character last week?

Have a fun day

Mrs Cuthbert


Tuesday 9th February

Continuing from our work on rhyme on yesterday's Zoom, can you listen to Mrs Cuthbert read Oi Frog?


 With the sound, igh, have a collection of words /pictures that have that sound in. (you might want to use the ideas on the attached file ‘igh words and pictures’) Pick a word /pic, and for each one they recognise, they have to run and fetch an object (perhaps a toy off their bed) and bring it back to the base before trying the next word.

igh - Alphablocks series 3. episode 16  https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01py5bs/alphablocks-series-3-16-tightrope 

Have a go at spotting and exploding the words with igh in on the attached file. igh words PDF

Can you listen to /read the attached story with an adult and either jump up when you hear or highlight when you read, the igh words. the light in the night story spotter PDF.

White Rose, Growing 6,7 and 8 week 3, session 2

Comparing length– language of length

Can you have a go at the activity on the attached file? Remember to use your language of length when comparing different lengths – long, longer, longest, short, shorter, shortest. – making caterpillars. 

Chinese New Year – Can you find out how Abbie celebrates Chinese New Year. Can you talk to a grown up about what you have learnt?


Continue to scroll down the link to the Chinese and Lunar New year Story and it explains the story behind the naming of each year after an animal. This year is the year of the Ox.

Red is an important colour in Chinese New Year Year celebrations as it symbolises good luck. Can you collect red objects from your home and make a ‘red’ collage with them? You could use blankets, cushions, toys, tubs etc. Alternatively you could create a red collage using items in your craft box.

Do you have any chopsticks (or tweezers) in your home? Can you practice picking up small objects with them? Pom poms, dry pasta, beads, blueberries are all good to try!

Oti’s beebies – All things red


Have a good day 

Mrs Cuthbert


Wednesday 10th February

Hello - just a quick reminder that books will be outside, by the clothes bank, between 9 and 11.30 today should you wish to return the ones you have and collect new ones. Each child has a wallet of books to collect - please replace returned books for quarantine in the basket provided.

Phonics – oa

Today we are learning the sound 'oa' in goat. 

Watch Alphablocks series 3, episode 17 to find out a little more about this sound. 


Can you find and segent (explode) the pictures that have oa in them on the attached file? 'Oa words 

Igh/ oa run and fetch game – Play the same game as yesterday, however, use the sounds oa and igh – you might wish to use the ideas on the igh and oa run and fetch game. You will need to write labels for pictures. You can choose to leave label attached to picture or extend challenge by separating them.

White Rose, Growing 6,7 and 8 week 3, session 4 (please note that as it is a 4 day week, we have jumped session 3 as it is on days of the week which we have worked on a lot already)

Measure height  – non standard units. Can you watch Mrs Cuthbert's video on the attached link?


Then have a go at this challenge. Mini worlds! using Lego bricks (or similar) can you measure the height of a collection of small objects? It could be you make a dinosaur land and you use lego to measure the height of the different dinosaurs. Perhaps you have lots of small teddies or dolls you could measure and compare?

It doesn’t matter which objects you use for your measures as long as they are all the same size. You could even use oxo cubes!

Chinese New Year

Thinking back to the 2 clips of Abbie and her family celebrating Chinese New Year yesterday, one of the highlights of the parade was the dragon dance.

The attached link gives a demonstration as to how you can make your own dragon puppet. https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/makes/lets-celebrate-chinesedragon

Can you help with some very careful careful chopping – attached are 2 recipes for chinese food you may wish to try and make together.

Andy’s wild workouts – mountains


Either tonight or over half term, can you have a go at Star gazing? You will need to wrap up warm but could even take some hot chocolate outside? There are some great phone apps you can download to help you recognise the stars.if you search ‘the night sky’ in your app store.  

Enjoy the activities and as said at the beginning of the week, please feel free to carry some of them into Friday / Next week.

Mrs Cuthbert


Thursday 11th February

Well done to ALL the Kestrels (and their fantastic support teams at home!) for all their hard work this term. You have all deserved a rest and hopefully after half term, the weather will get warmer and brighter and we will be a step closer to all being back together again. 

Today's writing links with the work below on Pancake Day. Can you watch Mrs Cuthbert's video below and create a menu for your own pancake cafe?


Using all the games and techniques shared previously please have a go at spelling the tricky words, no go and reading ‘was, my’

Active phonic games – write sounds on cards  ai, ee, igh oa and then hide them around the room. Children have to find a sound, say what it is and then either say a word with that sound, find that sound on sound mat or pick a picture or object from a selection of items with those sounds in etc

You could also try this with your tricky words.

Can you read Phonics comics on the Phonics Play website – ‘Lets Go’

White Rose, Growing 6,7 and 8 week 3, session 5

Time- Can you have a go at some 1 minute challenges? Set a timer for 1 minute and see what you can do… sing a nursery rhyme several times? How many times can you write your name? how many shuttle runs of the garden can you do etc?

There are some ideas on the attached file - Beat the Clock

Small potatoes – see below – is about the changing seasons


Maddie – cbeebies – 'day and night and solar panel' gives more information on the passage of time. 


In the half term holiday, it is Shrove Tuesday. This is the last day before Easter when traditionally people gave up and used up rich foods for Lent.

People still eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and it is often called Pancake Day.

Can you create a pancake café at your home?

You will need;

A frying pan

Cut some plate size circles from paper (to practice your cutting skills) to be the pancakes

Some coins

A spatuala

Create a ‘hob’ to cook the pancakes on – maybe an old box or stick some red circles on the table.

Some plates, knifes and forks

You will also need a ‘pancake menu’

Can you watch Mrs Cuthbert’s video on how to create a pancake menu of all your favourite flavours and then have a go at making your own menu for your café?

Enjoy playing in your café. Maybe you could try some real pancakes during half term?

 Another way that people sometimes  celebrate Shrove Tuesday, is pancake racing. The tradition is said to have originated in 1445 when a housewife from Olney, Buckinghamshire, was so busy making pancakes that she forgot the time until she heard the church bells ringing for the service.

Can you watch the clip below to find out a little more about pancake races? Maybe you could have a pancake race of your own at your home?


Can you make real pancakes? Maybe over the half term? What toppings do you like the best?

Have a lovely half term and I look forward to seeing you all again on Zoom on Monday 22nd February 

Mrs Cuthbert








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