Week Commencing February 1st

Date: 31st Jan 2021 @ 4:23pm

Monday 1st February

It's hard to believe we have reached February. I have to say I have enjoyed the days gradually getting longer though.

This week is Child mental health week and this year's focus is Express yourself. On Friday our Zoom session will be an ‘express yourself’ session – wear either your favourite hat, dressing up clothes, favourite outfit, and tell us why you like it!

In the meantime, each day, why not find a way to express yourself; Dance, build a model, paint a picture, play some music, decorate cookies – be creative! Or try something new altogether!

On the attached file are some ideas of activities for learning through play. I have also attached a challenge chart to try 3 things each day; something physical, something to help other people and something for yourself. 

This week's ongoing unit is Tabby McTat. I have read the story in the following link. Enjoy the story and you may want to try the additional activities. https://youtu.be/951N0xn3I-Y 

Ai - hold your hand to your ear as if hard to hear.

When we put a and i together we make an ai sound. Can you think of words with  ai in and then blend / segment (build and explode) them with a fist bump for each sound (phoneme) and then pushing them all together? R-ai-n (pain, hail, sail, tail, wait) We will talk more about this on Zoom. 

Can you play Buried Treasure on Phonic Play, phase3, set 1-7 +ai

Oxford owls ebook – Jack.

Use the tricky words, picture clues and your phonics to read this book. Remember that c and k together still make a ck sound.

Enjoy the bedtime story - I think there are alot of you who will like tis one! 


White Rose Home Learning, Growing 6,7 8 week 2, lesson 1. Matching 6.7.8

Matching Pairs – in addition to the White Rose game, you could also try playing matching pairs using the 1-10 cards shared on the blog last week.

It is now February - a new month! can you sing the  days of the week song (don't forget your weather chart). Can you also listen to the months of the year song; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSl-SbVz2oA 

Cosmic yoga https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga

Can you practice the formation of numbers 1-4? remember to start in the correct place and make sure they are facing the right way!

I have lots of birds in my garden and I really enjoy watching them on the bird feeders I can see from my window. Can you have a go at making some bird feeders of your own? Remember to hang them in a safe place, away from other animals. They also like to have some bushes or trees nearby to hide in.

Have a good day 

Mrs Cuthbert

Tuesday 2nd February 

UPDATE!! so sorry about the technical difficulties earlier! the game is now available on You Tube;  https://youtu.be/6qDUsWHeqOI

Hello! Did anyone manage to make bird feeders yesterday? If so have any birds visited? I was very proud of my Ollie as he built a great bird table with his dad as part of his One Piece at a Time challenge, which has already been visited by a robin and some blue tits!

Thinking back to yesterday's sound of ai, can you watch alphablocks series 3 episode 14? https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01py4xg/alphablocks-series-3-14-train

Using the techniques shared previously, please practice the tricky words we have already learnt and also look at;  ‘Was’. How many letters are in it? What letters are they? Look at the shape of the word, are any letters taller / shorter?

Poetry – There are many different elements to poetry. Rhyme, rhythm, alliteration, descriptive language, tongue twisters. We are going to be working on some of these areas whilst enjoying poetry this week.

Please see the link below for a sharing of Rumble in the Jungle by Mrs Cuthbert;


The following link is to BBC radio rhymes, please encourage your child to listen and join in with the rhymes.


The attached PDF has a rhyming game activity, to read the simple sentence and identify the rhyming words. 

White Rose Growing 6,7 8 week 2, lesson 2; Making pairs

Sock game – can you collect 8 socks. Ask an adult to give you an even  number of socks between 2 and 8. Can you put them in pairs and then observe how many there are altogether and how many pairs of 2 there are to make that number. When they all have a pair you could observe that the total is an ‘even’ number.

To extend you could introduce an odd number of socks, stating how many pairs of 2 there are and how many are left over. You can observe that if they don’t all have a pair, the total number is an ‘odd’ number.

Can you create a boat from construction kits you have at home eg lego, or recyled materials (or draw boats) think about who it needs to fit, how big it needs to be etc – You could build a small boat for a lego person, a model from ‘junk’ for a teddy of a large boat from old boxes etc to fit you! You could always build a boat in the same way you might build a den – can you remember the boat we had made from blocks in the classroom?

Oti's boogie beebies -https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000jsp4/otis-boogie-beebies-series-1-3-shine-like-the-sun

Can you practice writing the numbers 5-8. Remember the formation rhymes of the numbers you find tricky.

Can you have a go at the Maths Scavenge hunt on the attached file?

Have a fun day and don't forget to choose some activiites on your 'One Piece at a Time' challenge.

Mrs Cuthbert

Wednesday 3rd February 

BINGO!! I've attached the bingo board again so we can play Bingo on Thursday's Zoom. Please either print off or create your own board and add a selection of sounds from; j v w x y z qu sh ch th ng ai ee 

Ee – make donkey ears with your hand and say ‘ee or’

Can you think of words with  ee in and then blend / segment (build and explode) them with a fist bump for each sound (phoneme) and then pushing them all together? F-ee-l (week, seek, seed, feed, wheel)

Can you play Phonicsplay; Grab a giggling grapheme, phase 3 +ai and ee

Oxford Owls – share Family Poems with an adult There are some words in the poems that you will be able to recognise and others you will find a bit tricky. Please can the adult model the use of rhyme and rhythm in reading the poems that can then be re read together.

Listen to the story on the attached link. Who are the main characters?


Think of your favourite stories. Who are the main characters in them? What sort of characters are they?

You have been making up some great stories of your own, If you could design a character, of your own what sort of character would it be? Would it be an animal or human (or a made up creature?) what sort of personality would it have? what would it look like? what would it like doing?

Can you have a go at designing a character of your own? Can you add some labels to the character to give some information about what it is like? I have attached a sample of one I have made- see  'design a character' file

White Rose Growing 6,7 8 week 2, lesson 3, Combining 2 groups

Subitising practice;

As part of the new Early Learning goals reform, the concept of subitising has been added to mathematics. Essentially this is the ability to recognise a small number of objects (up to 5) without 1:1 counting. This is a skill that as adults we apply to perhaps recognition of the number of spots on a dice. Development of this skill really supports mathematical understanding, builds up images for numbers and helps to learn number facts.

It is a skill that can be developed through the regular opportunity to practice and see number patterns, and different amounts of objects, without relying on counting.

This can include building familiarity with the spots on a dice through games, or looking at different collections of a small number of objects and seeing either how many there are in total or what smaller groups of objects within the image you can see. You may also play with arranging a consistent number of objects into different smaller groups that can be subitised (for example arranging 5 toys in different ways). The patterns of dots on a dice are always consistently arranged so you could also explore subitising by lots of practice of games using dice or by seeing dots (to 5 or 6) arranged differently.

The attached files show some ideas of how subitising can be practiced in everyday life.

I have arranged 5 carrot slices in different ways – can your child recognise the smaller groups within the total of 5? eg 3 and 2, 4 and 1 

Photo flashcards give an idea of where you could see natural objects all around you that could be used to subitise.

The sweet shop image can be used to recognise (without counting) how many are in each jar, which jars hold more/ less etc

Number talks activity sheet gives you some ideas of activities to try (apologies, it is written as if addressing a larger number of children in the classroom!)

The following Numberblocks episode demonstrates subitising with a dice;


Watch the Transport /travel you tube video by Mrs Cuthbert;


We have been thinking about the boy and the penguin going for a long journey in a small boat. What other forms of transport  can you think of?

Can you find some toys at your home which show diff ways to travel? On your walks do you see different forms of transport?

Which forms go in the air, on water, on rails etc

Use the attached ispy game to see how many forms of transport you can spot.

Can you join in with the Joe Wicks workout?

Practice letters you find tricky – possibly a, d b, g?

Can you try some ball games / practice your ball skills. These could include; throwing, aiming, catching, rolling etc

Don't forget your one piece at a time challenge!

Mrs Cuthbert


Thursday 4th February 

We will be playing bingo in our Zoom session today. Please see the note on yesterday's blog re preparing your bingo board! 

Using the techniques shared previously, please practice the tricky words we have already learnt and also look at;  ‘my’. How many letters are in it? What letters are they? Look at the shape of the word, are any letters taller / shorter?

Poetry – can you listen to Mrs Cuthbert's youtube video and then follow the instructions to gather your own descriptive words (you could record them on a tablet or phone or an adult could scribe them) and create a poem.


White Rose Growing 6,7 8 week 2, lesson 4

Combining 2 groups

Can you use the 10 frames on the attached file to practice the addition shown on the White Rose video?

Numberblocks  ‘eight’


You have been collecting the weather for a week now. Please have a look at the weather over the last week. How many days of each type of weather did you have?

Can you watch Yolanda’s band fun- DRUMS


Can you find objects at home that you could use as / create into drums? Pans, boxes, tubs etc

Can you tap out different rhythms on your drums?

Can you take part in Andy's wild workout?


Can you have a go at making your own playdough? I have attached a recipe suggestion, but over the years have discovered that using very hot water and then omitting the microwave stage is more successful. Obviously you will need it to cool down before letting your child help with kneading it.

Have fun!

Mrs Cuthbert

Friday 5th February

Hello!  As mentioned earlier in the week, today's Zoom with Mrs Bacchus is 'Express Yourself'. Wear something you really like and tell us WHY you love it! 

Can you practice the sounds you have learnt so far? You could do a sound dash using your sound mat – how quickly can you say them all? You could ask an adult to call the sounds out and you find them on your sound mats. You could also play the game on the attached file, focussing on either the sounds we have learnt recently, or any sounds you find tricky. PDF Sound Pegs 

Using the images on the attached files; Fairy /superhero story telling. Pick an image from each line (you could choose or roll a dice) so you have a setting, 2 characters and problem. Then using the story telling ideas shared previously in both the story basket ideas / who what where story board, can you create a story. Remember the brilliant ways you have used to start stories. I have also included some prompts that might be useful to encourage story telling.

White Rose Growing 6,7 8 week 2.lesson 5; Adding more

Can you practice adding more by playing a Board game from home, counting the jumps as you count on your number of places.

Hokey Pokey This is a real sticky treat, that WILL require an adult to lead as is VERY HOT to make. However the change you get to observe as you add the different ingredients is really fascinating and the end result is delicious! We dipped it in melted chocolate and it was like a homemade crunchie!

Have a go at the volcano activity on the attached PDF, noticing what happens when the different ingredients are added.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Cuthbert




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