Thursday 2nd April

Date: 2nd Apr 2020 @ 8:14am

Hello Buzzards,

I've missed you all! How strange it was to come back on Monday and none of you were there! I have been catching up with Mr Morris about all of you and the brilliant work you have been doing over the past 10 months. Whilst I'm very sad that I can't actually see you all at the moment, I'm glad that I can now communicate with you all over here and help you with your home activities.

How are you all getting on at home? It felt very strange for us at first as I usually have lots of baby classes and activities to do with Frankie. But we are getting the hang of it now and it's actually really lovely to find so many things to do just at home. I've been baking LOTS, which Frankie is very happy about. I've finally started Yoga (infront of my television) and I've also had lots of time to work on the scrap book that I have started. It's filled with lots of pictures and letters for Frankie  to read when he's older. I can't wait to hear about what you have all been up to. 

Here are some suggested activities I have set for you today:

1. Reading comprehension - based on The Lion and the Unicorn by Shirley Hughes 

2. Writing task - DADWAVERS setting description

3. Mymaths - statistics

4. RE activity - Mrs Howe has set you some Easter related activities

Mr Morris wants to remind you that you can still complete your first round battles on prodigy until Friday.

I hope you are all happy and staying safe.  Here is a picture of Frankie now as he is all grown up.

Miss Fray

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Lisa Green wrote:

Good morning Miss Fray. Lovely to hear your back. Chloe and I loved seeing the photo of Frankie. Chloe is just doing a picture with Henry to send to the New Nightingale Hospital in Central London, nursing staff have asked for kids to do pictures to decorate the wards. Chloe will message you later. regards Lisa Green. x

James W wrote:

Hi Miss Fray,
Hope you’re ok🤞🏻! Frankie is super CUTE !! Can’t wait to see you at school again when this is over.From Erin

James W wrote:

Hi Miss Fray, the reading comprehension hasn’t come out very well on the iPad and I can’t read it so I was wondering if you/I could reattach it somehow.

Miss Fray wrote:

I was so excited to see messages from some of you! Chloe that is lovely! There have been so many wonderful ideas to make people happy at the moment. You'll have to send me a copy of your picture.

Erin, thank you! He is super cute. And I also can't wait to be back at school!

James I have uploaded a PDF version that should work on your iPad now. Fingers crossed! It's called Reading task (pdf version).

Miss you all!

Benjamin W wrote:

Miss fray Libby has forgotten her password and lost her book is there any chance you know it?

Miss Fray wrote:

Is it a specific password that she has forgotten? Or is it all of them that you need? Hope you're all okay!

Benjamin W wrote:

All of them I think thank you

Miss Fray wrote:

I am not currently in school, however I have contacted school and will do my best to get them to you ASAP.

Erin W wrote:

Miss Fray, I’ve managed to do the reading comprehension now but I’m struggling to see the writing task. Please could you send it, like you did for the reading? Thanks Erin

Miss Fray wrote:

There you go Erin. There are now pdf versions of both. Hope you enjoyed the reading.

Chloe G wrote:

Hi miss Fray. Frankie is really cute! I hope to see you again when we come back to school ✌. From Chloe

Miss Fray wrote:

Ben, if you could let Libby know that I have emailed all of her passwords to her mum. Thank you!

Good to hear from you Chloe! Hope you had fun drawing your pictures earlier today. What a lovely thing to do.

Jennifer Creek wrote:

Hi miss fray! Welcome back! How cute is your son! The reading task on Thursday did not print out via the attached pdf. The story text and pictures are all clustered on page 1. Please can you upload again so printable and George will read today with the second chapter of the lion and unicorn that you uploaded today for Fridays work. Thanks!!

Jennifer Creek wrote:

Found the pdf it’s ok! Thanks

Miss Fray wrote:

Hello! Thank you so much. Yes, blame word! I think pdf files seem to be the best for everyone so I will only upload those from now on. Hope you and your family are well!

Isla J wrote:

Hi Miss Fray

I have done some of my Mymaths today and some gardening with my family. I will get onto the other tasks over the holidays as it's been really hard without access to a laptop but we are sorting one out for me over the next few weeks.