Peregrine Class 2nd October

Date: 1st Oct 2020 @ 8:48pm

Another fantastic week in Peregrine class!

Our maths this week has been all about number lines. Placing numbers accurately on a number line is a tricky skill as there are so many steps! Increments has definitely been the key word this week. We've spent time looking at lots of different number lines to work out what they are going up in increments of. We've learnt the importance of labelling the increments, or even drawing our own, BEFORE attempting to place a number as it helps us with our accuracy. All this number line work has been a great opportunity for us to practise using a ruler too!

We continued exploring our text 'Counting on Katherine' in English this week. We spent time earlier in the week exploring the character of Katherine. We pulled out facts about her from the text and used our inference skills to decide what these facts can tell us about her character. We then wrote a description of Katherine, remembering to incldue our 'keys' for fantastic writing: expanded noun phrases, prepositions and conjunctions.

In Science on Tuesday, we were very excited to check in on our plant investigation. Last week, we planted broad beans with different amounts of light, warmth, water, soil and space in order to find out how important these factors are in the growth and health of plants. Over the past week, the children have been watering their plants carefully (using pipettes to ensure fair measurements) and they were very excited to see that their seeds had started to germinate!

This afternoon, we began an exciting art project. As part of Black History Month, we are going to be exploring and celebrating the work of African American artist Alma Thomas. Alma Thomas created a series of paintings which were inspired by the Space Race. This ties in perfectly with our English text which is all about Katherine Johnson, an inspirational woman who achieved her dreams and helped to put man on the moon. Alma Thomas creates abstract paintings using small brush strokes in a range of different tones. Her paintings are bold and beautiful and almost look like mosaics. This afternoon, we had a go at mixing paints to create different shades of colour and practised small, careful brush strokes in our sketchbooks. We can't wait to use these techniques to create space themed paintings of our own!


Maths homework this week is focussed on times tables. We completed our first 'Big Maths Beat That' challenge this week and it would be great for the children to practise before next week's challenge! 

The Year 3 challenge is based on the 2, 3 and 5 times tables.

The Year 4 challenge is based on the 3 and 4 times tables. 


Y3 Spellings - challenge words

  1. Accidentally 
  2. breathe
  3. century
  4. consider
  5. eight
  6. guard
  7. heard
  8. peculiar
  9. possible
  10. quarter

Y4 Spellings - challenge words

  1. Group
  2. height
  3. particular
  4. potatoes
  5. separate
  6. surprise
  7. through
  8. various
  9. though
  10. woman

Remember to read over the weekend so that you have something to write in your reading diary on Monday!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss D :)