Peregrine Class 25th September 2020

Date: 25th Sep 2020 @ 3:00pm

Happy Friday! 

You may have some sleepy Peregrines this evening after a busy, busy week of learning but what a brilliant week it has been! 

Our English this week has been all things space. We have started exploring a new text called 'Counting on Katherine' which is all about a very important change in history: the Space Race. We have sorted space related vocabulary into different categories, written short information texts about the Space Race and started to explore expanded noun phrases to help us to write descriptions next week. 

In Maths we have been exploring 3 and 4-digit numbers. We have practised finding 10, 100 and 1000 more and less than a given number and we have applied these skills to mathematical problems. On Thursday, we looked at a problem called the Deca Tree and I was so impressed with the children's ability to think mathematically and solve problems in different ways!

In PE this week, we focussed on hockey skills. We practised passing and dribbling the ball before applying those skills to mini games. 

Today was one of my favourite days of the school year. It was European Day of Languages! Today, after our spelling check of course, we learnt about all things Danish. First we located Denmark, and its capital city Copenhagen, on a map. We labelled Denmark and Copenhagen on our own maps before inking them beautifully with the colours of the Danish flag. We then learnt some Danish words (hopefully your children will remember some of them to share with you at home! We wrote out the words in a Lego letter design as Lego is a Danish invention. In the afternoon we learnt all about 'hygge' (pronounced hoogah). We turned down the lights, lit a pretend fire on the whiteboard and munched on some Danish biscuits. We learnt all about different ways that we can achieve hygge (that lovely feeling of cosiness and contentment) in our own lives and we have started creating our own guides to hygge with top tips. The children should have plenty of tips for how you can create hygge in your home over the coming Autumn and Winter months! 



Reading: On Monday mornings, the children will be writing comments into their reading diaries about what they have read over the weekend. Though we are trying to encourage the children to read and make comments about their reading more independently, it would be fantastic if you could read with your child (even for just a short time) and have a discussion with them about what they have read! 

No MyMaths this week!


Year 3 Spellings (Challenge words)

1. build

2. describe

3. imagine

4. library

5. natural

6. ordinary

7. promise

8. recent 

9. suppose



Year 4 Spellings (Challenge words)

1. breath

2. business

3. caught

4. different 

5. exercise 

6. extreme

7. medicine

8. possession

9. although

10. thought 


Have a lovely weekend!

Miss D :)