Monday 6th July

Date: 5th Jul 2020 @ 8:37pm

Hello Buzzards!!! It's Monday!! A new week...a new chance to be amzing!!

Just wanted to start by saying WE MISS YOU!! We're having a great time in school with some of you but we really do wish that everyone was there SO much!! You're in our thoughts every day and we are so proud of the awesome human beings every one of you are. It's been lovely to see some of your faces on the zoom chats, myself and Mr Morris get so excited for them...we have another on Wednesday at 3.30.

Thank you for continuing with the home learning with such fantastic attitudes!!! I have to mention George again. The effort that you and Mum have gone to on your scrapbook is something you should be extremely proud of and I hope you look back on forever (although the pictures of the jaffa cake moon phases made me very hungry). Some absolutely brilliant home learning is happening in lots of your homes and we cannot thank you and your families enough for that. 

This week, we are continuing our space theme in science; we are looking at poetry in english; and your maths links are attached also. 


I have had a lovely weekend. I've started a new book, which is always exciting. I LOVE getting lost in a completely new world. We're reading a FANTASTIC book with the children in school actually, it's called Storm by Nicola Skinner. We're all hooked and just cannot wait to read each chapter. So if you're looking for a new book, I highly recommend that one. Don't forget about your reading bingo challenges that we sent out a couple of weeks ago too!! I wonder if anyone is close to completing theirs?

Finally, as you know I cannot write a blog without a Frankie update: HE'S WALKING!!! Well, mostly!! We knew he could do a few steps, but overnight he seems to have decided that he wants to walk everywhere he possibly can!! VERY exciting, and VERY scary as his Mummy! I have a feeling that the easy part was when he couldn't really move around!! Wish me luck!


Have a brilliant week everyone. Keep being the awesome people that you are and know that you have a whole school who is SO proud of you for just getting on with it all! You're ace!

Miss Fray


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