Kestrels week ending 27th Nov

Date: 29th Nov 2020 @ 8:31am

We have reached the end of another busy week time seems to be travelling really fast at the moment.


We have started practising a song for our whole school Christmas “production” I’m sure you will have heard the children singing it at home. They have chosen whether or not they would like to be an angel and Shepherd or a sheep. We have many costumes in school but will let you know very soon we need you to provide anything.


Polite request! As I am sure you can imagine on Forest School days it is no mean feat to ensure that all the children have the correct personal items for going home. In order to support us with this please make sure that all items are labelled and if possible limit the number of other items the children bring that day for example snacks in a ‘disposable’ container (or no container at all) would be very much appreciated rather than additional pots and tubs, in order to reduce the amount of items we have to match to the children!


This week the children very much enjoyed their apparatus PE session in the hall. We will be having our PE sessions in doors for the foreseeable future whilst the weather is not so good.


We have created an ant eater café in our classroom as a spin-off from the ant eater story we are reading, though some of the items in it do look a bit like a bush tucker trial!


We have been exploring number four and also the shapes that have four sides thinking about their differing characteristics.


We have enjoyed the story of the Gruffalo‘s child and have been investigating shadows using torches. Next week we are going to be thinking a little about what happens when we mix colours and also starting our festive activities in the run up to Christmas.

Whilst it is a very exciting time of year we are also working hard on ensuring that the children try to remember our ‘Bee rules’ Be kind, be safe, be ready.

Mrs Cuthbert