Kestrel home learning w/c 25th January

Date: 24th Jan 2021 @ 5:22pm

Monday 25th January 

Hello. I hope everyone has had a good weekend and managed to have a relaxing time. 

Thankyou so much for all the emails and Tapestry entries people are making. They are so helpful for seeing how the children are getting on and which activities they have enjoyed. 

This week's Julia Donaldson ongoing unit it 'The Ugly 5'. I have read the story to the children on the attached link. They may want to just enjoy the story, but I have attached a file of activities they may with to do also.

Sh - Action – place index finger over lips as to ‘shh’

Can you listen to and explode the words; ship, shop, shell, fish, rush

Active phonics pdf

Lay out two or three hoops (cushions, trays, towels etc)  as targets and label each one with our latest sounds your child is currently learning (qu, w sh etc). Gather soft toys and other throwable items. Call out words that begin with those sounds. The aim is to use the toys as shot-puts to throw into the correct hoop. Each toy in the correct hoop is a point! Mix them up and try again to see if everyone can better their score

Can you have a go at the game Add a word on the attached pdf, playing with words and sentences to create silly ‘stories’ ? These can be as long or short as you like.

White rose – Growing 6,7 and 8 – week composition of 6

Can you listen to Mrs Cuthbert read the story of 6 Dinner Sid on the following clip? 

Numberblocks series 2 ‘Six’

Can you play a game that uses a dice, with lots of counting and recognition of 6? you might have a board game, or perhaps you could make a game up? maybe you could throw a dice and collect that number of counters / objects? perhaps you could roll a dice and do that number of a particular action?

Can you explore Floating and sinking? You could use a bucket, the bath the sink..

Find a collection of objects from your home and garden and investigate which things float / sink? Can you predict / guess what each item will do? Why do you think some float and some sink? Can you sort the objects that float /sink?

Maddie explores floating on the attached programme link

Can you take part in the cosmic yoga on youtube? 


Can you practice the formation of number 6 using your number formation card (on the class page)

‘down we go and make a loop, number 6 makes a hoop’

On the attached website, there are some lovely ideas for outdoor activities, which you may like to try over the coming week and weekend.

Have a fun day!

Mrs Cuthbert

Tuesday 26th January 

Ch – pretend to be a steam train using arms like piston rods

Can you listen to and explode the words; chip, chill, chop, rich, chin, chick

On the attached file can you sound out and practice writing each of the sh and ch words. (if you are unable to print off, look at the pictures and have a go at writing the words elsewhere)

Reading – oxford owls – The Dragon Balloon

You will need to use your picture clues to help with ‘dragon’ and ‘balloon’.

Can you find the speech bubbles?

On p6, why do you think the writing is not straight?

Can you predict what might happen as the story develops?

Numberblocks series 2 ‘seven’ 

Snow White has 7 dwarves and they all have names that describe their personality a bit. Can you find out the names of the Dwarves? Can you think of any other names the dwarves could be called?

Using the images on the attached pdf can you cut out the dwarves and play a game where an adult hides one of the dwarves and your child has to guess which one is missing? Could you draw a house (or use a box as one) on paper and put some of the dwarves in it? how many are in the house / out of the house / altogether? Can an adult take some of the dwarves away? how many are missing?

On the attached link I have shared the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar read by myself, particuarly focussing on the seven days of the week and having a go at putting them into order.

Can you have a go at the build a boat challenge on the attached file?

Oti’s boogie beebies – get dancing

Can you practice the formation of number 7 using your number formation card (on the class page)

‘Across the sky and down from heaven, that’s the way we make a 7 ‘

I know how much you have enjoyed the scavenge hunts. Can you try the Back garden scavenge one?

Have a fun day!

Mrs Cuthbert

Wednesday 27th January 

Hello, I hope everyone is ok?

Using the attached bingo board (or draw a grid if you do not have a printer) please add 6 sounds from this collection; j v w x y z qu sh ch th – please then have the board ready at Thursday’s Zoom session for a quick game of phonic bingo.

Today's sound is Th – stick out tongue slightly as if to pull a face. It is a good idea to use a mirror, and look at position of the mouth and tongue to as not to get confused with ‘f’

Can you listen to and explode the words; with, thick, then. That, this.

Can you play the Phonics hopscotch on the attached pdf using the sounds we have learnt so far.

Can you watch Mrs Cuthbert’s video on Non fiction books? Do you have any information books at home you can look at? How are they similar / different to story books? 

Using either information about icy lands, or your own non fiction books can you find a way to share the facts you have found out? You could record a video, make a picture or poster, make your own information book – perhaps include some pictures from the internet?

Numberblocks series 2 ‘eight’    

Can you think of any animals with 8 legs? How many legs do they have on each side?

Can you have a go at adding 8 peg legs to the spider? Mrs Cuthbert will introduce this on Zoom, however you will need a disc of card (paper plate etc) and 8 pegs for the activity. If they are handy for the Zoom session that would be even better!

Can you roll a dice and add the correct number of peg legs that the dice shows?

Can you listen to the story of Spinderella on youtube? (or do you have it at home?) all about a spider and her problem solving.

Thinking back to your investigations on floating and sinking earlier this week can you have a go at the ‘Floating dinosaur’ experiment? on the attached file.

Can you take part in the Joe Wicks workout on youtube?

Can you practice the formation of number 8 using your number formation card (on the class page)

‘Make an s and do not wait, when it’s joined up you have an 8’

Can you have a go at the photo shoot challenge on the attached pdf ?

Have a fantastic day!

See you on Zoom at 10.30am 

Mrs Cuthbert

Thursday 28th January 

Hello! I hope you all had a good day on Wednesday? 

For today's Zoom we will be playing bingo. Please can you fill in the board shared yesterday with 6 of the sounds; j v w x y z qu sh ch. If you are unable to print, a rectangle divided into 6 is fine. 

Please practice your tricky words. Tricky words; Using the methods shared previously can you have a go at spelling ‘the’ ‘to’ and reading the words ‘me,we,be’

On the Phonics Play website can you read- ‘I can spot’ – phonic comic

White rose – Growing 6,7 and 8 – week 1, session 4, Matching 6 7 8 

Numberblocks series 2 ‘counting sheep’ 

Memory game activity – you could play this with dominoes, number cards, or use the cards on the attached file. (number cards to 10, though you may wish to select just the ones to 8) Can you turn all of your selected ‘resource’ upside down and take it in turns to turn to over and find a pair that displays the same quantity. This could be simplified to find pairs with the quantities facing up, or adapted to pick two of the cards (or dominoes etc) and decide which shows more / less. This could be turned into an active game by hiding the ‘cards’ around the room and then finding matching pairs.

Can you watch Mrs Cuthbert read the number story on the youtube link below

There is lots of talk about counting and sharing in this story. Perhaps you could make some real (or pretend) cookies to practice sharing with after the story?

The weather changes everyday. Sometimes it can be really windy. Can you have a go at making an outdoor mobile that helps you ‘watch the wind’ see the attached file for an idea.

Think back to the Very Hungry Caterpillar shared earlier this week. 

How many days are there in the week? Can you remember what the caterpillar eats each day?

Using the attached file can you keep a weather watch on each of the 7 days? Can you spot what the weather has been ‘mostly’ like each day? How many days were sunny? How many were rainy? etc

Andy’s workout – deserts (can you notice anything different about the deserts compared to the Arctic lands we have been looking at) 

Can you practice writing your name? remember to think very carefully about any letters you find tricky and use your ‘pinchy crab’ grip. Remember to start your letters in the right place and form them carefully using the rhymes to help. Could you also write your surname? Could you use your name for any labels? Eg table settings. Labels for models you have made.  

See you on Zoom

Mrs Cuthbert


Friday 29th January 

Ng – pretend to be a weightlifter

Listen and explode the words sing, ring, ping pong, king

Can you play i spy using the attached image? sh-ng – pdf

Can you have a go at the Sh ch th ng read and race? Pdf

White rose home learning – Growing 6,7 and 8 – week 1, 1 more / 1 less

Numberblocks - Series 2 ‘just add one’ and ‘ten green bottles’

Can you explore 1 more and 1 less practically? Maybe you could be setting the table and you need to work out how many of everything you need if there is 1 more?

Perhaps you could make playdough balls and have a go at either squashing one when an adult shouts ‘1 less’ or quickly making another if they shout ‘1 more’. Often 1 less can be a trickier concept so you may need lots of practice with this one,

If you put the numbers (to 5 or 10) in a line, can you spot a pattern of where the number that is 1 more or less sits in relation to a particular number?

We have had so much wet weather recently. Can you make a rain gauge to try measuring it? There is an idea on the attached link;

Can you take part in the Joe Wicks workout on youtube?

Are there any letters you find tricky? Can you practice them using either crayons, paint, your finger in a floury surface etc.

Can you explore the Ink running experiment on the attached file?

Can you have a family Kitchen disco? Maybe you have some lamps or coloured lights? Turn up your favourite songs and have a really good dance (and sing along) to them!

Have a fun weekend and enjoy the snow (if it comes our way?) 

Mrs Cuthbert











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