Friday 12th June

Date: 12th Jun 2020 @ 7:55am

Happy Friday to you brilliant lot!!


I know I set your work yesterday (so if you missed it, have a look at yesterday's blog), but I just wanted to blog today and give a few shout outs after a good look at your scrapbooks and work sent in. My first mention is George! George, I could mention all of your work...what a superstar home learner you've been. But in particular, the extra learning that you have found yourself has been fantastic...I loved the science activity with the crisp packets! James M, your creature that you created last weeek is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And Ava, what a creative writer you are!!!! Thank you so much to EVERYONE for trying thei rvery best with all the home learning set. Even after 13 weeks (is that how long it's been?) it will still feel completely bizarre and probably very lonely, so thank you for sticking at it proving the brilliant individuals you are!


I hope you're enjoying the work from yesterday and continuing today. I can't wait to read your final poems and see your take on the challenging task I have set you.


One final thing. I know you have had the House of Dance links, but I was looking at some online dance tutorials (because you know I love a good boogie) and I came across one of their public dance videos that was put on at the start of lockdown. I LOVE it!! Get your dancing shoes on and have a go. But PLEASE make sure you send me a video if you do!!!!


Have a great Friday. And a wonderful (slightly rainy) weekend. Remember we are here all day every day to talk to, to look at your work, or just to send silly vidoes of dancing to!!


Miss you!

Miss Fray