Day 1 - welcome to Home Learning

Date: 23rd Mar 2020 @ 8:52am

Good morning everyone (waits for replies of "Good morning Mr Hover, good morning everybody" - I'm sure everyone can imagine just how that would be said!).

So, this is the first day of a new normal.  Home learning. Social distancing.  I will, like the teachers, be blogging and communicating with you all to make sure we still have the contact during this period of time away from school.

Like everyone else, I am also adjusting to working from home, being with my own children for part of the week so that my wife can continue to support in her role as a teacher in another school.  Molly-Skye (9) and Finlay (12) are currently working with Joe Wicks on his first PE session to the nation – and I know that there will be many of you doing this at the time of me writing. 

During this time apart, it is important that we look after ourselves.  Yes, home-learning is important, but we need to make sure we look after physical and mental health and our well-being.  Take care of your mental health by making sure workspaces include a bit of sunlight. There are many studies that detail all the benefits of exposure to natural light, but most of us can already demonstrate the difference that simply working next to a window can make.

Above all, take care of yourselves.  If you need anything, class teachers can be contacted via their home learning emails.  I am available via my email, and there are opportunities for the children to communicate via Blogs on the website.  I would remind pupils that Blogs are there to communicate in a sensible and appropriate way and I monitor them closely!

Finally, another way to keep physical activity going is by dance and Diversity have opened up their online tutorials for free until the end of May.  Just go to .

Take care everyone!

Mr Hover